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Streamlining Financial Decisions with Best-in-Class Data Storage Technologies



For financial services institutions, maintaining a reliable and high-performing IT environment is a fundamental step to creating an efficient, effective, and profitable business. In order to succeed, organizations across the financial sector are seeking faster, better, and smarter storage technologies to manage troves of sensitive information, manage complex workloads, and accelerate business-critical applications.

According to a 2016 Accenture survey, the financial services industry is experiencing a 50% annual growth rate in data. 70% of respondents reported that big data is critically important to their firms, leading them to pursue innovative technologies to streamline financial decision-making and establish sustainable competitive advantage.

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Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are working tirelessly to reach maximum productivity, despite the speed and performance limitations posed by traditional operating systems, strict budgets, and limited IT expertise. For these firms, implementing the right small business IT solutions is key to improving data storage management capabilities and satisfying evolving industry demands.

Financial SMBs must invest in storage technologies that are simple, flexible, and affordable in order to compete with large-scale organizations. Many firms are utilizing entry-level storage platforms that deliver enhanced performance and high availability to accommodate continuous data workload processing. These software-defined solutions can be integrated with existing hardware to create a comprehensive and scalable infrastructure, and by simplifying IT management, SMBs can achieve more secure, predictable performance to support a rising number of applications and data. Firms that invest in these technologies will have the opportunity to automate storage management, streamline financial decisions, significantly reduce the risk of data loss, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Solutions such as HPE MSA Storage are helping users achieve 2X the data processing capabilities at the same price point than previous generations of MSA. With dedicated file storage and flash-enabled arrays, organizations are leveraging superior availability, connectivity, and scalability to facilitate business growth.

For SMBs looking to reach optimal levels of productivity, Nimble Storage enables cloud-ready predictive analytics to anticipate digital disruptions and prevent technical issues before they occur. All-flash storage is designed for effortless scalability and manageability, allowing SMBs to deploy financial applications up to 6X faster, clone data to prevent single-point failure, and enhance network-wide security with up to 65% lower total cost of ownership.

Nimble storage drives valuable improvements across financial IT environments:

  • Accelerates Hybrid IT: Flash provides a powerful combination of on- and off-premises workloads with the best and broadest portfolio in the industry. Nimble storage is helping firms achieve 99.999% availability by providing continuous access to data in order to harness maximum scalability, efficiency, and performance.
  • Optimizes Workloads and Prevents Issues: Nimble utilizes predictive analytics to improve server and storage functionality, enhance data protection capabilities, and promote easy IT installation and management.
  • Deploys with Confidence: Access to the right partners and expertise empowers SMBs to deploy the right solution at the right time. Those who do will dramatically reduce downtime and mitigate the risk of data loss, which can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Software-defined storage solutions are preparing SMBs for success with enhanced IT performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. To learn more about how cutting-edge storage technologies can transform your business, I invite you to follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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VP/GM for HPE ProLiant Rack and Tower Servers and SMB Solutions. Previously VP/GM for HPE Server Software and Enterprise Solutions. Prior to HPE, Tim founded and partnered in technology management to provide strategic and operational expertise to both established and emerging companies. Seventeen years at Dell with scope of responsibility broad and inclusive for managing the company’s single largest P/L of the core product portfolio. Established successful start-up businesses in new product segments. Worked in Asia to consolidate and scale global development and operations while engaging new business partners to create a forward-thinking organization responsible for the long-term horizon in business investments, technology planning and solution development.