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The Benefits of Object Storage in the Cloud


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Guest blog by Bill Mannel, VP & GM – HPC, Big Data & IoT Solutions, HPE Servers

The surging growth of on-demand digital content, adoption of new high-definition content formats, and evolving consumption preferences are bringing the media and entertainment (M&E) industry to a data storage tipping point.

PwC’s Strategy& practice experts believe these shifts are part of the rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer world – one where content packaging and distribution is set to change significantly. Specifically, increased demand for digital content will cause it to continue multiplying at staggering rates, prompting M&E companies to seek new ways to accommodate massive volumes of digital data and content. 

This need for substantially larger storage capacities is driving the demand for highly scalable data storage infrastructures and causing more and more data to be moved to the cloud.

According to a recent report from storage research firm Coughlin Associates, overall cloud storage for the M&E industry is expected to grow by a multiple of 24 between 2014 and 2020, from 763 petabytes to 18,224 petabytes. The report went on to state that over 60 exabytes of new digital storage will be used by the industry for digital archiving, as well as content conversion and preservation by 2020.

In order to survive this tidal wave of data, M&E companies must reevaluate their storage approaches to achieve limitless scale out capabilities, significantly reduce costs, and satisfy today’s and tomorrow’s data storage requirements.  

There are few storage technologies that can both flexibly and cost-effectively accommodate mounting data volumes. Emerging storage architectures built on object storage are helping M&E companies ease the pains associated with explosive data growth, while they capitalize on the elasticity and on-demand availability of the cloud.

Object storage solutions are proving themselves an ideal storage method for the industry’s most common data types, like audio, image, video, production, and post-production files. Support for multiple data formats in a highly scalable “content depot” atmosphere makes object storage in the cloud uniquely suited to the high demands of the M&E industry.  

Companies across the value chain can leverage cloud object storage solutions in a variety of ways to optimize storage infrastructures and future-proof the enterprise:

  • Television stations can support rapidly growing video archives and ensure the delivery of the most up-to-date content for broadcasts.
  • Online video companies can scale to accommodate expanding content volumes and higher numbers of users.
  • Suppliers of digital media content can supply massive amounts of content on-demand at more affordable costs to customers using a multitude of personal devices.

Transitioning to software-defined storage technologies can offer M&E companies breakthrough data management capabilities along with increased simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. A hybrid storage infrastructure incorporating traditional IT and cloud will offer organizations improved storage capabilities, drive better data management practices, and enhance the ability to meet future demand for data storage.

Rapid data growth requires that M&E companies invest in storage solutions that are designed to scale up in accordance with today’s petabyte-scale storage needs. Those that do will achieve new levels of performance and scalability, realize cost savings from storage investments, and be positioned to use data-driven insights to improve service delivery and grow the business.

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I am a Senior Manager managing external content and social media for HPE Servers Awareness. Stay tuned for topics on Mission Critical Solutions, Core Enterprise and SMB Solutions, Next Gen Workload Solutions, Big Data and HPC, Cloudline and HPS Options! Follow me @RubyD_Nich

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