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The Benefits of an On-Premises Object Storage Solution


As companies increasingly seek scalable, flexible, and reliable storage infrastructures, many are turning to object storage to provide the simplicity, scalability, and affordability needed to keep pace with explosive data growth.  

The explosive growth of data, expanding use of Big Data analytics, and surging consumption of content over a variety of devices are rapidly changing data storage requirements for companies in a variety of industries. As data grows to petabyte scale and beyond, many organizations are struggling to adapt their IT infrastructures and accommodate the escalating demands of their structured and unstructured data volumes.

 There are a number of storage challenges facing today’s companies. Unstructured OnsiteStoreBlog.jpgdeployments can easily accumulate billions of objects, and traditional storage infrastructures simply can’t offer the capacity necessary to store this amount of data efficiently or cost-effectively. Cost is another factor, because as capacities grow, so does the expense of storing, managing, and protecting data. Enterprise storage infrastructures are also growing from single site deployments to geographically dispersed scale-out configurations, increasing concerns over data security and compliance.

Companies are seeking highly scalable, flexible, and reliable storage infrastructures in order to more effectively safeguard and manage their stores of data. Many organizations are turning to object storage solutions to provide the simplicity, scalability, and affordability needed to keep pace with the rapid growth of data.  

According to IDC, 2016 was a banner year for object-based storage technologies. The past year has proven to enterprises that object storage deployments are now able to address a wide range of use cases beyond simply backup and archive, including mobility, analytics, compliance, and media production.

Deciding on the best type of object storage can be a key challenge for many businesses. There are object storage solutions designed to stay on-premises, and an emerging variety of cloud options as well. Companies should start by considering factors like their current and future storage requirements, data types to be stored, and the capabilities of their IT staff. If the organization’s storage needs have entered petabyte-scale—or will soon—it’s likely that an on-premises object storage deployment will be more cost-effective. On-prem is also a good fit for organizations who wish to maintain maximum visibility and control over their data.

Those that have made the decision to invest in an on-premises object storage solution will be positioned to realize the following benefits:

  • Flexible scalability – Object storage solutions can scale out linearly and limitlessly without adding administrator overhead or additional components; and in many cases, they can be built onto existing infrastructure that is already in place.
  • Maximum availability/reliability – On-prem solutions allow organizations to maintain high availability through hardware failures, capacity expansions, software upgrades, and hardware generations, with minimal intervention.
  • Lower costs – While cloud storage can quickly become cost-prohibitive at petabyte scale, on-premises solutions can lower storage costs per TB and optimize TCO without compromising service delivery.
  • Data governance, security, and compliance – Maintaining internal control over data allows businesses to easily adhere to already-defined IT processes and compliance requirements, as well as enhance security by hosting data behind the organizational firewall.

Rapid data growth coupled with a number of dynamic digital trends requires that companies transform their storage solutions in order to address the petabyte scale data storage needs of today and tomorrow. Investing in an on-premises, software-defined storage technology can help companies support the growing demand for data storage, as well as manage and protect data at massive scale while addressing the challenges of cost, simplicity, and manageability.

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Bill Mannel
VP & GM - HPC & AI Segment Solutions

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