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The Transition is Complete: Linux Firmware RPMs are Now Available


After several years I finally finished my basement.  I could kick myself for waiting this long.  It was something that I simply should have done a lot sooner.  I cannot help asking myself, "Why didn't I do it sooner?"


The same could be said of the time it took for HP to finally make the firmware packaging transition from scexe to rpms.  While the drivers have been in rpm format, the firmware is now as well.  In my mind I am thinking, "It's about time!"  I am sure many of our Linux customers agree.


Now that they are here, you have options.  You can choose to deploy using HP Software Update Manager (SUM) or the HP Software Delivery Repository (SDR).  To deploy using HP SUM, consult chapter 7 of the latest HP SUM user guide.  To deploy using the HP SDR, review the directions on the Firmware Pack for ProLiant site.  Please note the firmware is protected which means you will need a valid HP warranty to download.


For some this may be a disruption and we apologize for the inconvenience.  We truly believe rpms are the preferred packaging for Linux and are more secure (packages are signed).  


This transition is for ProLiant Gen9 servers.  Older firmware will remain as scexes unless it needs a fix or patch - then it will be released to as an rpm.  If you encounter an issue please contact us at 


Further details can be found in the Customer Advisory and HP SUM/SDR Whitepaper.  


Continue the conversation by replying below or reaching out to us on Twitter @HPLinux.

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Nice move, hpsum was close to useless on linux. But now how can I detect what firmware to install ? Some of them are easy to identify. For drives, it's a little more tricky.

Srihari S

The best thing i like about RPM are industry standard and our customer will be able to query the firmware which got installed. Code Signing of RPM will ensure the authentication for our customers.

This is really inconvenient change. Breaking RPM model, Installing the RPM does NOT flash the system.
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