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The Wonders of Redfish: Based on the HP RESTful API for Servers


Guest blog by John Schmitz, Global Market Manager, HP Server Management and Options Portfolio


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In my previous blog, I told the story of how HP’s RESTful API development led to the exciting and important new industry standard specification known as Redfish 1.0. Now, I’ll go into why Redfish represents a breakthrough in data center and systems management for cloud and web-scale infrastructure companies.


Today’s enterprise, hyper-scale, and cloud infrastructures rely on tens to hundreds of thousands of low-cost servers to function. To manage this multitude of servers, IT companies need modern, software-defined approaches. They need vendor-independent interfaces based on new, lightweight, and REST-based paradigms.


Redfish 2.jpgRedfish 1.0 is ground-breaking for several reasons. First, it was built from the ground up to use the languages, tools and scripting environments most developers already know and use daily. Second, Redfish enables access to massive amounts of information and efficiently translates that data into actionable insights for system monitoring and management. Further, by lowering the level of expertise needed to create scripts and applications, Redfish is poised to foster a thriving ecosystem that will further drive development and enable more secure management.


The benefits of Redfish to the business community are significant. By giving customers a simple, secure, and standard way to manage their servers in scale-out applications, Redfish reduces vendor lock-in, increases productivity and security, lowers operating costs, and plays a crucial role in enabling next-generation infrastructures.


HP is currently at work implementing Redfish on HP ProLiant Gen9 servers and server management products with embedded HP RESTful APIs. By delivering Redfish standards-based solutions across the industry, HP continues to shape the technology landscape for the benefit of the expanding global computing community.


John Schmitz is a product marketing leader for HP Servers’ multi-billion dollar hardware and software options business. John has led HP’s server management product lines for over a decade, and oversees an install base of over 10 million software licenses. His 30-year track record includes leadership roles in IT consulting, systems integration, and product and business development. 

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