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The most comprehensive HA/DR solution, HP Serviceguard for Linux, extends capabilities to SAP HANA

Guest Blog Post by Vikas Kapoor, WW Product Marketing Manage


Despite advances in infrastructure robustness, many IT organizations routinely face database, hardware, and software downtime--that can last for short periods of time or completely close down the business for days. At present, the average cost of IT systems downtime is close to $5,600 per minute according to a Ponemon Institute study (read here). According to the same study: The average reported incident length was 90 minutes, resulting in an average cost per incident of approximately $505,500. With the “Cost-of-downtime” exponentially rising year over year, it’s imperative that businesses look for more than just hardware level redundancy. Couple this with the growing complexities of managing the datacenter that can be spread across continents. The need for a reliable and time-tested solution is imperative—providing for local High Availability as well as fail-safe Disaster Recovery options with an ease of implementation and manageability. This is where HP Serviceguard can really come to your rescue.


HP Serviceguard for Linux (SGLX) is a high availability/disaster recovery solution that provides business continuity for your critical applications. Leveraging over 25 years of HP expertise and knowledge, this solution brings the best-in-class mission critical HP-UX technologies to the Linux environment. With unmatched DR capabilities, that protect your sites, SGLX boasts of one of the best-in-class Disaster Tolerance suite. The Serviceguard extension for SAP (SGeSAP) provides an out-of-box unattended Disaster Recovery solution for SAP HANA scale-out deployments on HP ConvergedSystem appliances. Using Site Aware Disaster Tolerant Architecture (SADTA) and SAP HANA System Replication technology, the solution also supports scale-up deployments –providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for SAP HANA instances.


The new Serviceguard GUI, with HP OneView like semantics and look-and-feel, allows you to see all apps, nodes and clusters in a subnet within a single pane of glass - providing true multi-cluster management. SGLX provides advance cluster simulation and command preview features that allow you to understand the impact of any cluster administration command without actually having to execute them on a running cluster. And the cluster analytics help you to measure and report availability metrics across nodes, applications and clusters.


In this Webinar, we will show you how the mission-critical market is transforming- but the need remaining the same – that of high Reliability, Availability and Serviceability features. HP is committed to provide you the same – at each level, starting from the Hardware, Software to the application level, with Serviceguard for Linux providing unrivaled HA and DR capabilities.


You will also learn about how HP Serviceguard for Linux:

  • Minimizes the need for manual interventions and reduces unplanned downtime in the event of a component outage or service failure ; and how easy it is to integrate with your applications
  • Provides greater resiliency and availability of application and databases with its robust integration with SAP HANA through SGeSAP, and how it provides unmatched automatic failover for both SAP HANA Scale-up and Scale-out systems.
  • Helps you gain a better understanding of your configuration with Cluster Analytics and Simulation, with detailed insight into the new Serviceguard GUI.



So save the date and block off your calendar for the 28th of January (10 am CT) to participate in this Webinar. Change the way you look at High Availability for your datacenter- through a journey of technical features and business aspects that HP Serviceguard for Linux provides.


Register for the “Achieve Mission Critical Reliability and Availability in Open Source Environments with HP Serviceguard for Linux Clustering” webinar.

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