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Tim Peters, VP & GM ProLiant Servers and SMB Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise



shutterstock_301046048 (1).jpgWhen it comes to success, IT modernization is a “must.” Today’s organizations are experiencing a major paradigm shift as rising data volumes, changing customer demands, and increasing industry requirements challenge the way they think and operate. These digital disruptions are challenging businesses across every sector to perform faster and smarter than ever before, and those that do will have the opportunity to evolve and grow.

In this competitive economy, speed and simplicity are key. Small offices and home offices (SOHOs) are seeking a new style of IT that is affordable, simple to deploy, and easy to maintain. SOHO leaders are finding it particularly important to transform their IT environments to achieve greater efficiency and accelerate time to value. By investing in the latest small business IT solutions, these up-and-coming organizations can execute complex workloads, ensure customer satisfaction, harness the superior compute capacity of the latest technological innovations, and position themselves to become leaders in their industries.

Speed, simplicity, and performance are crucial to creating an effective IT strategy. SOHOs rely on technologies that deliver essential availability and scalability to accommodate evolving business needs. And with a variety of branch offices and remote locations operating with limited spending and resources, choosing right-sized IT solutions has never been more important.

SOHOs need a powerful server they can make their own, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is stepping up to help.


The HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 delivers an affordable, compact, entry-level server that is expressly designed for small office and home office IT environments. The HPE MicroServer can be housed almost anywhere, and with simple access to hard drives, memory, and PCIe slots, users will reap the benefits of easy IT management, installation, and upgrades.

This game-changing system is low-cost IT made easy. To keep pace with rising industry demands, SOHOs need intelligent, easy-to-use compute appliances that require minimal floorspace and drive down total cost of ownership (TCO). And with features such as accelerated processing units (APUs) designed to act as a CPU and graphics accelerator on a single chip, the HPE MicroServer promises to deliver 4K resolution video display for greater flexibility, and support increasingly sophisticated workloads without installing an additional graphics card. In Q3 2017, users can also implement an optional AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 PCIe graphics card, which enables media streaming on up to three devices.


In addition to providing optimal compute power, this platform allows SOHOs to build a custom solution that is tailored to their individual business needs. The ClearOS operating system comes preloaded on the hard disk at no additional cost, offering HPE MicroServer users access to a built-in marketplace with over 100 applications. This allows them to customize a fully functional server with point-and-click simplicity, while configuring right-sized applications to speed, simplify, secure, and expand their IT capabilities.

HPE is committed to providing enhanced performance and worry-free serviceability with a new set of cutting-edge solutions that are empowering today’s businesses to operate with confidence. To learn more about the HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10, I invite you to follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB. And for the best deals on our latest IT innovations, visit the HPE Marketplace.

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VP/GM for HPE ProLiant Rack and Tower Servers and SMB Solutions. Previously VP/GM for HPE Server Software and Enterprise Solutions. Prior to HPE, Tim founded and partnered in technology management to provide strategic and operational expertise to both established and emerging companies. Seventeen years at Dell with scope of responsibility broad and inclusive for managing the company’s single largest P/L of the core product portfolio. Established successful start-up businesses in new product segments. Worked in Asia to consolidate and scale global development and operations while engaging new business partners to create a forward-thinking organization responsible for the long-term horizon in business investments, technology planning and solution development.