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Time for a server refresh to boost productivity


This is a contributed post from Roberta Ingham, WW SMB Marketing, Enterprise Group.


Take a moment and think about your very first laptop. Remember how you felt with all that power at your fingertips? Now compare its abilities to what you can do with today's tools. All those tweaks to power and performance, increased memory size, enhanced graphics chips, and wireless modules really made a difference, didn't they? Not only did they improve what you could already do.  They broadened your abilities with new applications and tools to increase your productivity.


Now try to remember; when was the last time you did a server refresh? Doesn't it stand to reason that a more modern server that can support newer applications will improve your productivity as well? And, as with laptops and handhelds, newer, more advanced capabilities may now be available at a significantly lower cost?

Communication and collaboration tools, such as email, file sharing, and video conferencing, help everyone work together more efficiently.  Being able to work from anywhere at any time boosts productivity. Using BI and CRM applications to build stronger customer relationships helps to intensify growth.


Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) who employ technology achieve 11 points higher revenue growth according to a 2014 Huffington Post article, “For Small Business, Technology is Creating, Not Costing, Jobs”.


To take advantage of these new productivity-enhancing applications, you need modern servers with the performance required to handle them. HP offers Just Right IT products and solutions designed to help midmarket firms like yours leverage applications like these to improve your business operations.


Servers to support today’s data-intensive applications


The new, quiet HP ProLiant ML10v2 and ML110 space-saving servers are perfectly suited to address the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.  Affordable, and with power to spare, these HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers are a great value. With faster processors, memory, and array controllers, these systems have the power to support today’s modern applications.


    • For small and midsized businesses looking for the ability to share applications and resources and a low cost, the HP ProLiant ML10 v2 Server is an ideal first server. The ML10 v2 includes memory and storage features designed to protect business data from data loss and unplanned system downtime.
    • Ideal for small to midsized businesses, as well as remote and branch offices, the HP ProLiant ML110 Server is an exceptional value. It offers the performance and expandability required to address the multiple workloads of growing SMBs. A highly versatile server, the ML110 provides you with the flexibility to support a variety of memory, network, and storage options.


Easier-to-manage, intelligent systems improve business efficiency


The integrated management features of both systems improve productivity in other ways as well.  HP Integrated Lights Out (HP iLO), HP Insight Online, and HP OneView come standard with HP ProLiant Gen9 servers. By being able to automate many aspects of system monitoring and maintenance, these tools contribute to even greater IT productivity.


    • Embedded HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO 4) remote and out-of-band management enables users to monitor and manage their servers to the point where they can make decisions about firmware, bios, configurations, and capacity planning. This embedded device allows users remote access and the ability to troubleshoot issues via a web browser or the iLO mobile application to save time, increase security, and regulate energy use.
    • HP Insight Online allows users to access the support and management information they need anytime, anywhere.  It features a personalized dashboard that shows device health and contract/warranty status. 
    • HP OneView is a template-driven provisioning and management tool that enables configure once-provision many capabilities. It replaces four current management tools, which drives administrative efficiency.


HP Just Right IT provides the power, the performance, and the tools to improve productivity


Taking advantage of the trends in mobile and cloud computing, Big Data, and virtualization are just as important to SMBs as they are to a larger enterprise.  In fact, the productivity enhancements afforded by today's applications and system management tools may be even more important to small and midsized business owners, given their resource constraints. They just need the right solution at the right price. HP Just Right IT is all about supplying simple to use, reliable, and affordable products to support today's applications that are designed specifically with SMBs in mind.


To learn more about HP Just Right IT for SMBs:


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