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Today’s IT Demands a New Approach to Effectively Build a Competitive Edge


Redstone Federal Credit Union is Alabama’s largest credit union and the 25th largest in the nation. At peak periods, the financial institution’s IT department processes 4 million transactions in a 10-minute time frame.


These days, Redstone’s bustling IT unit is focused on mobility. The department can build new financial-services apps in less than 90 days starting from scratch. This capability adds new revenue streams for the credit union and enhances its reputation in a very competitive industry. Redstone represents the new style of IT. In this video, Harry Gunsallus, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

explains how the HP Compute approach helps Redstone grow through innovation:


For many businesses the traditional IT approach is inadequate and they simply can’t keep up.  IT departments need to react much faster to shifting market conditions, reducing costs and increasing value to service.  IT needs an infrastructure that can optimally balance the diverse needs of processing, storage, and networking, and is purpose built to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing work environment.


The right solution to these challenges is out there. Netherlands-based cloud service provider, Eshgro, for example, was able to grow its customer bases by a factor of eight while reducing overall costs by 20%. Global packaging handling service, UPS, was able to double its processing power while using 40% less electric power. Australian resource and engineering company, RCR Tomlinson Ltd., reduced time to generate reports from hours to minutes.


To learn more about HP Compute, take a look at our latest video:





If you would like to learn how you can prepare your business to adapt to faster IT service delivery read this article, “Harnessing Compute for Business Transformation" It’s a great place to get started.


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