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Transforming Retail Operations with Plug and Play IT Solutions



Untitled design (5).jpgFor today’s retail companies, investing in digital innovation is the most effective way to achieve competitive advantage. Industry trends such as proliferating cloud usage, mobile technologies, and data analytics are rapidly transforming the way retailers operate and serve customers. In fact, Business Insider Intelligence predicts that 27.7 million mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices will be in the U.S. by 2021, rising from 3.2 million in 2014.

Our recent conversations with IT professionals responsible for retail branch office infrastructure have shown one major trend: They are all challenged to deliver a better user experience, while reducing the operational costs of remotely managing a highly-distributed branch IT environment. Branch IT has a crucial role to play in developing the in-store customer experience. Innovative “bricks and mortar” retailers are responding to evolving online trends by building a totally integrated approach that mixes in-store with online purchasing to redefine the customer experience. The key asset in achieving this is the branch network—and in-store IT capabilities are the foundation upon which the strategy must be built.

Retailers are relying on computing platforms, innovative software, and user-friendly applications to fulfill the needs of modern customers, who expect a personalized, secure, and mobile-friendly shopping experience. These companies are increasingly seeking cutting-edge solutions to support a range of workloads with varying data requirements, both on-premises and in the cloud, and to simplify IT management across remote locations. Those who can accelerate their operational processes and deliver a superior shopping experience will be positioned for success in this aggressive marketplace.

Reliable server solutions, such as the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect, enable companies with enhanced performance and scalability to run retail applications and accommodate business growth. Backed by open source technologies, these platforms create an IT environment that is agile, secure, and easy to manage, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

ProLiant Easy Connect stands to benefit retail stores in a number of ways:

  • Enterprise-grade IT platform for rapid automation and in-store deployment with cloud integration
  • Centralized remote control of secure on-premises IT and off-premises cloud services
  • Automated patching & upgrades of core IT functions
  • 30-60% savings on your in-store IT infrastructure based on a subscription payment model

The HPE ProLiant Easy Connect managed hybrid servers offer unique value for retail branches. They are robust, high-availability, small form factor devices that are purpose-built to power distributed IT environments, ideal for organizations that struggle with limited space and local support. These virtualized, in-store servers are delivered pre-built, pre-integrated, and pre-tested to make installation simple and highly cost-effective. This helps power all branch applications, so retailers can avoid the IT energy sink of multiple point solutions with separate challenges and management systems. With central management and distributed installation, this solution maintains current functionality to provide a very low support overhead throughout its lifecycle, and facilitates the affordable and rapid deployment of hundreds to thousands of standardized remote sites.

To learn more about plug and play solutions that are transforming retail operations, be sure to check out the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Knowledge Center. I also encourage you to follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB for the latest news and updates.

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