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Turbocharging SMB Financial Operations with Hyper-Convergence



If you're an SMB in the financial services industry, look to hyper-converged environments to:  Free up resources for complex workloads. Simplify server, storage and networking infrastructure management. And accelerate the speed of operations.

In an era where digital innovation is revolutionizing the way businesses perform, the demand for IT modernization is rapidly increasing. Businesses across all industries are striving to simplify systSMB_financial services_hyperconverged_blog.jpgem management and quickly increase IT capacity in order to accelerate the speed and efficiency of operations, improve customer services and encourage growth.

Competitive advantage is crucial to success.

Particularly in the fast-paced world of financial services, implementing state-of-the-art technologies is essential to conducting better, faster business to outpace the competition.

Capital markets, banking and insurance are three financial domains with highly specific IT requirements (such as virtual workstations, sophisticated accounting systems and comprehensive web services), but these CIOs have a common goal. IT automation is a critical component of a forward-looking business model. The key is investing in technologies that are easy to manage and provide flexibility, scalability and seamless connectivity.  

Maintaining a fast, efficient business is becoming increasingly difficult as financial data, transactions and information continue to compound.  If you're an SMB operating on legacy IT and financial service applications, you may find that you can no longer accommodate the evolving need for advanced and secure service capabilities.

Today, many companies are looking to invest in integrated IT solutions that provide on-premises application execution while also providing a pathway to the cloud. Leveraging a powerful hybrid environment frees up resources for complex workloads. It also simplifies server, storage and networking infrastructure management, while accelerating the speed of operations.

SMBs are achieving higher levels of performance thanks to combined on-premises and off-premises capabilities. According to a 2015 survey of SMB CIOs, 27% of respondents believed the cloud would deliver optimal flexibility and scalability, 26% expected the cloud to offer lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and 23% felt that the cloud would allow them to devote more time to strategic initiatives. 

Demand drives new technology requirements for all existing systems.

Hyper-convergence enables the quiclk, easy creation and management of virtual machines that make IT more efficient. Businesses lacking scalability or ease of IT management can benefit greatly from hyper-converged systems, which provide an all-in-one virtualization solution that integrates compute, software-defined storage and software-defined intelligence to optimize workloads and deliver the agility needed to succeed. This infrastructure allows midsize firms to easily deploy and manage a single comprehensive system - regardless of your size - that is affordable and capable of processing data-heavy workloads.

How hyper-convergence brings benefits to financial organizations.

Hyper-convergence not only provides financial organizations flexibility and management capabilities to accommodate future growth, but it also significantly reduces operating expenses and increases productivity. Additional benefits of hyper-converged systems include:

  • Rapidly developing and delivering advanced services
  • Creating new revenue streams and tapping into new markets
  • Eliminating infrastructure and management complexity
  • Driving productivity and efficiency across the business
  • Enabling IT generalists to manage the entire system

Transitioning to a hyper-converged system is fast, efficient and simple. Investing in these cutting-edge architectures can enable you to experience the immense value of:

  • Enhanced data security
  • Reduced time-to-insight
  • Automated deployment and provisioning
  • Lower TCO
  • Easy management of financial workloads
  • Increased flexibility with fewer business disruptions

Trusted technology partners are working to deliver right-sized solutions to fit the needs of every SMB firm. These technologies are tailored to help your business afford to modernize  IT environments, equipping you to effectively compete, innovate and grow.

To learn more about how hyper-convergence is revolutionizing financial operations for SMBs, I invite you to follow me on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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