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Unleash the power of object storage in your environment


Guest blog written by the HP Object Storage Team


We all know the stats. 


Data is growing at a rapid and an exponential rate. Seemingly mundane daily tasks (like watching a TV show or ordering a cup of coffee) trigger massive amounts of data creation.  And this is data that can be used to improve our everyday experiences, from product decisions to lowering costs to finding new music.


With the advent of this data explosion, object storage as a technology space is getting a lot of attention.  Essentially, object storage allows for metadata in data files, providing a rich set of attributes that aid in the storing, querying, and analyzing of data vs file or block level storage.  With additional capabilities that enable availability and redundancy, such as erasure coding, object storage truly is driving progressive change in how we work with data.


HP has always been a leader when it comes to storage technology.  With our broad portfolio of enterprise storage products to server based solutions, we have been meeting, and continue to meet, the needs of our customers with innovative and cutting edge products.  And object storage is no different.


We recognize that our customer set is broad one.  The specific use cases, the application requirements, the levels of admin expertise, the interest in open source, and the particular industry focus are just a few of the factors that clearly demonstrate that one size truly does not fit all.  And our goal is to ensure that each customer has the solution that is right for them. 


With that in mind, HP offers our customers a few options when it comes to object storage.


  • HP StoreAll - Object based storage with intelligent search
  • HP Helion Content Depot, OpenStack Swift-based object storage solution
  • HP ProLiant SL4500 1x60 server solution specifically designed to address object storage workloads
  • HP’s ecosystem of commercial partners, such as Cleversafe and Scality
  • Open source options like OpenStack and Ceph


This week at HP Discover, we’re taking our commitment to object storage one step further, with a technology preview of our new Store Virtual Object technology.  StoreVirtual is software-defined storage for all leading hypervisors.


Where are you in your journey to investigate, pilot, or fully implement object storage?  Your HP rep has some options for you, so be sure to reach out and start that conversation.  No matter what stage you’re at, now is a great time to have a conversation with HP about object storage. 


If you’re at HP Discover in Barcelona this week, feel free to stop by one of the many areas where we are talking object storage.    You’ll be able to see live demos, get some specs on our object storage offerings, and talk to some of our object storage experts regarding your specific situation.   


You can also learn more about HP’s object storage offerings by clicking on the links at the end of this blog.


No need to wait - unleash the power of object storage in your environment today.


HP Object Storage team,


Joseph George

HP Servers

Patrick Osborne

HP Storage Division

Ken Won

HP Helion Content Depot

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