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Unlocking the value of modern ERP apps: Mag-Lite´s story


ERP systems lie at the heart of most enterprises´ ability to conduct business, and can be thought of as the systems of record for the organization. It is therefore vital they run predictably, efficiently and continuously, as well as be future ready. As new ERP software versions are released, promising new functionality and value, customers are faced with tough decisions relative to upgrades and migration. Once a decision is reached to upgrade applications, new challenges may surface: “What do we do with the older infrastructure supporting the current ERP system?”, “can we keep it?”, “will we get all the value of the new app if we don’t migrate to more modern platforms?”

Those were exactly the questions flashlight manufacturer Mag-Lite faced when they realized they could no longer get the value out of their critical Infor ERP system, unless they migrated from their older IBM technology to a modern infrastructure. They wanted to go from “green-screen” to "modern app", and couldn’t do it with the older IBM platform.

In parallel, they wanted to simplify their rack “pizza box” Windows environment by deploying SQL Server, Exchange, and other critical Microsoft apps in the same environment as the ERP software. In order to achieve this goal, they needed a high performing solution with enough capacity to host both critical environments: ERP and Windows – in the same infrastructure.

Together with their partner Becker Technologies, Mag-Lite considered several vendors, ultimately selecting Hewlett Packard Enterprise as the solution provider best suited to meet their needs.

The solution elements?

  • HPE Integrity Superdome X provides a highly available platform to replace Mag-Lite´s IBM´s AS/400 server running the legacy Infor ERP app. It also offers superior scalability and flexibility to host their critical Microsoft environment alongside the modern Infor app.
  • HPE 3PAR storage delivers all-flash performance and high reliability
  • HPE Proactive Care Advanced service for added peace of mind offers a high level of personalized support

The results?       

  • 45% higher performance through the powerful combination of Superdome X and all-flash 3PAR storage
  • 20% lower licensing costs through workload consolidation in the scale-up Superdome X server, resulting in a significant reduction of required licenses
  • 100% uptime with the highest levels of RAS delivered by Superdome X and 3PAR
  • Ease of management through consolidation and virtualization
  • Flexibility to grow the environment as the business grows, with easy-to-resize HPE nPars, hard partitions, available on Superdome X
  • Peace of mind with a reliable solution and added protection with HPE Proactive Care Advanced service

I invite you to read the Mag-Lite case study to get all the details of this successful project. If your ERP system is running on older infrastructure, you may not be getting all the value you can out of your applications – and you´re likely paying more than you need to. As we did with Mag-Lite, Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help you unlock the value of your data and critical apps with reliable, high-performing solutions. For more information visit the Superdome X, 3PAR and Proactive Care Advanced pages.

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I am a Marketing Manager within HP Servers focused on Mission-Critical Solutions.