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Using large-scale in-memory computing to address data challenges across the retail landscape


Predict and deliver personalized shopper experiences with HPE Superdome Flex Solutions for SAP HANA for retail customers.

Blog_SAPHANA_Retail.jpgOne of the toughest things to predict is retail customer demands. As you well know, being able to deliver the right product to the right consumer in the right place at the right time, as efficiently as possible, is essential to success in retail. You have to quickly recognize and then adapt to seasonal trends, consumer shopping habits, and world events. Customers are increasing in savvy and expect a personalized experiences  based on shopping histories and other similar customer buying patterns – for better upsell and cross-sale recommendations. Success also means keeping prices competitive while maintaining margins, which means maintaining appropriate stock levels and developing an efficient supply chain. All this applies whether you are dealing with physical goods or digital assets.

To help your retail organization succeed, you need to be able to analyze a tremendous amount of information from a huge number of sources. You need to be able to quickly address, collect, and analyze all relevant data and use it to create timely insights. Performance of data systems is not enough. You also need business continuity, as downtime means loss of revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction.

The new era of in-memory databases like SAP® HANA® has allowed retail organizations worldwide to dramatically increase the speed at which data can be identified, gathered, and analyzed. Innovative systems like the new HPE Superdome Flex feature large-scale in-memory computing by being able to have up to 32 processors and 48 TB memory – enough for even the most demanding SAP workloads, while also offering the highest levels of mission-critical availability to ensure the continuity of your retail business operations.

Use case: Dansk Supermarked showcasing large-scale in-memory computing in retail

For example, we talked to Dansk Supermarked Group (DSG), Denmark’s largest retailer. Dansk Supermarked runs several e-commerce businesses and four retail chains with 1467 stores in four European countries. Handling nine million shopping trips per week for groceries and non-food items, DSG employs 51,000 workers. To thrive in a challenging business environment of narrow profit margins, changing customer preferences, and stiff competition, DSG needed to harness all of this data more effectively. With a large-scale in-memory HPE system running SAP HANA , DSG is now able to analyze massive amounts of transactional data, 24x7, from point-of-sale systems in all its stores across Europe, and rich reports to decision makers in such a timely manner that improved its business agility and in-store inventory analysis. This new way of using information quickly as resulted in increased revenues and profitability, plus reduced product spoilage and waste.

While Dansk Supermarked really showcases what you can gain from large-scale in-memory computing in retail, there are other benefits as well. We also talked to Maxima, the largest Lithuanian-based company in the Baltic States, who accelerated their nightly SAP batch processes dramatically, enhanced retail operation efficiency with 3x faster backups and restores, and reduced cycle times to replenish merchandise at stores.

With NTUC Fair Price, Singapore’s largest grocery retailer, we built an ideal shopping experience around actionable business insights and improved efficiency of stock, merchandising, and payments, allowing it to react faster to new consumer trends. New system deployment times were improved by 30% by modernizing its business transaction systems with real-time insights, working with RI-Solutions, an in-house service provider of BayWa Group (based in Munich, Germany), which provides products and services to the agriculture, building materials, and energy sectors.

As a retail organization, you can add large-scale in-memory computing such as the HPE Superdome Flex for SAP HANA to your infrastructure, so you can create new analysis methods that provide real information to decision makers far faster. That enable you to make more timely adjustments to plans, be more efficient in managing supply chain, and deliver the right products to the right customers in the right place at the right time–  without waste. For more inights on HPE Superdome Flex, read this blog: Turn critical data into real-time business insights with HPE Superdome Flex



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David focuses on SAP HANA lifecycle and ecosystem for HPE solutions for SAP HANA. He was previously employed by SAP focusing on SAP HANA Enterprise Architecture tools. David has more than 30 years of industry experience in both technical and business roles, working with small, start-up, and established businesses.