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Vault into a private cloud for competitive edge


Guest blog by Peter Schrady, HPE SVP & GM, ProLiant Servers and SMB & Enterprise Segments

Peter Schrady.150kb.jpgPeter SchradyMany organizations are struggling to meet the tough technology requirements of the digital economy. This new paradigm leverages data to accelerate key business processes and speed decision-making. Collecting, sorting, and capitalizing on growing reams of data requires complex development and deployment capability — in other words, serious compute power.

IT is taxed trying to support traditional enterprise software and systems, while also delivering immediate and seamless service any time of the day or night —and via any device — to increasingly exacting consumers. But where to find the infrastructure resources to accomplish all this?

One answer has been to turn to the public cloud, essentially renting the infrastructure from a third party. But for some organizations, security and control of their data, as well as latency issues, make this a questionable option.

Private cloud 85kb.jpgA strong alternative is a private cloud, an on-premises solution that offers computing power as a service within a virtualized environment that relies on an underlying pool of physical computing resources. Since a private cloud is only accessible by the organization that owns it, this approach offers greater control and security than a public cloud can. An increasingly popular strategy is a hybrid cloud – a mix of public cloud and on-premises solutions.

Application migration to private cloud is a high-payoff initiative that becomes very doable with an infrastructure upgrade. It can have a profoundly positive business impact. Cost reductions of up to 40 percent can be achieved with no impact to an organization’s IT capabilities1. In addition, as the business and IT landscape evolve, a private cloud gives businesses a way to flex along with the changes, keeping up with security requirements while ensuring quality. In short, a private cloud offers all the benefits of the public cloud, with the addition of greater security and control. These include:

• Speed. IT can launch new services across multiple devices and platforms in minutes rather than months.
• Reliability. Virtualized operating environments are resilient to failures, able to pull resources from unaffected servers.
• Flexibility. Unlike a physical machine, a virtual machine can be scaled up and down seamlessly.
• Automation. Private cloud tools and processes can automate the deployment of operating systems, middleware, monitoring tools, and capacity management.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has deep expertise in delivering secure private clouds that allow organizations to innovate and grow. In fact, we provide the private cloud systems that even cloud providers rely on. Global cloud solution provider Ormuco is a case in point. The company offers a turnkey, managed hybrid cloud solution to customers that wish to reduce IT maintenance costs, yet ensure security, reliability, and high availability.

Ormuco chose HPE to provide an OpenStack-based, hybrid cloud, pay-as-you-go solution to service providers and ISVs seeking a hybrid cloud with streamlined functionality. HPE Helion, OpenStack and Ormuco’s new data centers combine to virtually guarantee service delivery regardless of the underlying infrastructure. The result is that Ormuco’s customers can now offer cloud as a service, and Orumco has been able to grow deal size by 50 percent.

To learn more, check out a few data center modernization use-case solutions that can provide high value to your business. Get the Executive Summary, Accelerating Your Competitive Advantage with Data Center Modernization and register for our best practices guide on Application Migration to On-Premises Cloud. The Guide covers business outcomes, best practices, and a roadmap that includes discovery, analysis, mapping, and ongoing validation.

Learn more about HPE hybrid cloud solutions here.

1. Aberdeen Group: The Key Benefits of Deploying Private Clouds. July, 2014

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Technology and the struggling to meet the economies demands,and paradigm leverages to accelerate key speed decisions,(collecting and sorting)


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