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What Albert Einstein Knew about Change and You Should Too


As Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” and the recent IDC Technology Spotlight titled, “Strategies for a New World IT: Are You Ready?” also purports this mentality.


To drive home the point here we should look for strategies that create a new compute mentality. For example, let’s imagine stopping the day-to-day IT firefighting, freeing up time and resources and then rapidly aligning IT to the business goals. This will alllow the speeding up service delivery which enables your entire IT department become more agile. Interested?

Imagine. . .

  1. Moving away from cost-bound infrastructure to something far more cost efficient (hint: convergence) 
          that spans infrastructure, management and services
  2. Transforming traditional IT to hybrid-cloud environments with amazing agility
  3. Moving from silos of automation to software-defined infrastructure


These strategies support some key technology goals for CIOs and tech leaders alike: the ability to rapidly deploy, easily manage, and support fundamental components; and also, reduce the cost of management and support of IT environments. But it can’t be done with old siloed approaches or partners stuck in the past. You need a partner that can help you think differently and ease you towards doing things in a new way such as:


  • Employing a single point of contact who understands your complex datacenter
         environment and desired business goals.
  • Planning to help reduce your IT footprint with fewer moving parts
  • Quickly and effectively identifying issues before they become problems by utilizing
         an intelligent management and reporting tool

We have a lot of new thinking here at HP, to learn more about new strategies for a New Style of IT,

click here to read IDC’s Technology Spotlight, “New Strategies for a New World IT”

Rosemarie "Rosie" Chiovari
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