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When it comes to mission-critical servers and “true fault tolerance” think HP NonStop


When thinking about the busy competitive environment we live in where:

  • we regularly make purchases online using computers and smartphones…
  • we rely on the 24x7 availability of mobile devices to not only conduct business but also communicate with friends, family, and co-workers…
  • business success or failure is predicated on how quickly and consistently customer requests are responded to and problems resolved…

It’s hard to imagine any of those customer-facing applications NOT being mission critical. 

The HP NonStop platform is uniquely designed and integrated for the mission-critical environment to facilitate continuous business so necessary in today’s competitive landscape. Keeping your business online and working around the clock is what NonStop does best. Applications that run on NonStop are nonstop—available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the world.   


If that wasn’t enough, NonStop also offers the lowest TCO in its class for complex mission-critical applications —and make no doubt, NonStop is at the highest level of complex, mission-critical server solutions.  And, that’s not just me saying that.


IDC has classified availability at different technology levels, mapping these levels to a variety of workloads running in the enterprise. Their study defines four levels of availability—servers that are not highly available, workload-balancing servers, clustered servers, and fault-tolerant servers.


IDC defines Availability Level 4  (AL4) as “true fault tolerance, enabling continuous data processing, even in the event of the failure of one hardware or software component. The end user experiences no perceived interruption based on the use of fault-tolerant servers. In this level, the combination of multiple hardware and software components allows a near-instantaneous failover to alternate resources so that business processing continues as before without interruption.” IDC recognizes HP Integrity NonStop as the primary example of fault-tolerant servers.


So, why do HP customers care about mission critical computing?  

  • Car manufacturers can lose over 1 million dollars an hour if assembly lines stop
  • Global banking transactions must be completed in minutes to seal a deal
  • Companies with web applications serving as their only portal for orders, must ensure 100% availability to prevent a loss of real money… and potential loss of customers 
  • In these “outage” situations, loss of reputation may be more damaging than the financial cost

Since the late 1970s, the HP NonStop platform has played a strong role in several industries—providing invaluable continuous business. However, the users of the services that NonStop provides remain largely unaware that NonStop is ‘behind the curtain’.


Here are some global examples of NonStop technology impacting business operations: 

  • NonStop is processing over 68 million credit card transactions and over 10 billion transactions
  • NonStop is powering mission-critical applications at 100% of the Top 10 global manufacturers
  • NonStop is hosting more than 375M subscribers (and growing) on advanced Telco network
  • NonStop is being used to support several of the leading medical institutions

So think about it…. YOU likely have been part of transactions and interactions every day without even knowing that HP NonStop was making it happen in the background! 


This is part of what reliability and high-availability means — that you can go about your business and get things done with confidence because the mission-critical applications that you and your customers depend on - are ALWAYS AVAILABLE!

HP NonStop has a long history in the financial services industry.  In fact, NonStop is there with:

  • Fraud and risk management for retail banking
  • Transaction processing for payments, multi-channel retail, and ATMs
  • Integration of new mobile channels into core payments infrastructure and more….

Why NonStop?   Alessandro Baroni, CIO at Equens says it all with his quote: 
“Our HP Integrity NonStop systems provide us with the reliable, stable, always-on infrastructure that is an essential requirement for success in this highly competitive market.”  Equens is Europe’s first truly pan-European full-service card and payment processor. The company already handles 9.9 billion payment transactions and 4 billion card transactions annually with its integrated, modular, state-of-the-art platforms. It has a significant presence in the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, with many other clients and partners across Europe and the U.S.

A long-time NonStop customer, they needed to increase processing power and reduce costs to maintain margins in the highly competitive card and payment processing market - while positioning their organization to play a larger role in the European financial market. The Equens case study covers their move to the HP Integrity NonStop NB54000 BladeSystem from the S-series servers.

First Quad –Core Blades:
With the primary objective of increasing performance and lowering costs, Equens became the first company in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) to deploy the quad-core HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem NB54000c in production. The business case projected an impressive 3.5x increase in performance and capacity over the previous-generation HP Integrity NonStop systems; in fact, Equens is now seeing four times the performance. And because the BladeSystem is built almost entirely of commodity hardware, the cost is considerably lower. “Even though we had to depreciate our previous systems earlier than expected, the price/performance has improved by a factor of two,” says Toon van der Pas, senior systems engineer at Equens.

By upgrading to the HP Integrity NonStop NB54000c BladeSystem , Equens has already seen the following technology improvements and business outcomes:

Technology improvements:

  • Increased processing capacity by a factor of four to handle rapidly growing data volumes
  • Realized approximately twice the price/performance of the previous system to support expanding business requirements
  • Migrated transaction processing load from Italian subsidiary with no performance impact

Business outcomes:

  • Provided mission-critical support for customer’s volume growth strategy
  • Helped customer provide services at competitive prices to fuel global expansion
  • Resulted in reliable, scalable environment that supports ongoing compliance with SEPA and international  regulatory requirements

Let me close by saying that with…

  • 100% uptime
  • Over 38 years of successful deployments and loyal customers…
  • And… powering some of the world’s most critical transactions and applications…
    HP NonStop is definitely a platform you want to take a look at!

HP NonStop.  For industries that never stop.

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I’m the worldwide marketing manager for HP NonStop. I’ll be blogging and tweeting out news as it relates to NonStop solutions – you can find me here and on twitter at @CarolynatHP