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While It Was Hot in Las Vegas – It Was Hotter with HPE Servers!


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Guest blog written by Denise Burns, Digital Strategy, Enterprise Group 

I’m just back from HPE Discover where the temperatures in Las Vegas reached crazy hot levels outside – and inside at the show it was blistering hot for HPE Servers due to announcements, reviews, and forecasts.  Sit back and relax while I provide you with a high level overview on the hot news from HPE servers using videos as well as my personal observations.  We’re waiting for a few videos to go live, so check back if you are interested in something still unavailable.


  • As the head of a business with a whopping 80 straight quarters of market leadership, and the only company growing market share, HPE Servers BU WW GM Alain Andreoli shares the secrets of HPE's success with The CUBE hosts in this in-depth interview. 
  • In this short interview HPE VP of Global Marketing for Servers, Susan Blocher addresses “Preparing Your Data Center for the Future.” Blocher highlights recent announcements such as HPE EdgeLine, HPE Persistent Memory, and ProLiant Easy Connect. She also talks about new data center modernization use cases designed to help customers keep their data center modernized and future-focused around hybrid cloud, security and data protection, and how to harness the value of big data with high performance computing and object storage.  To learn more watch the video below, and/or visit our data center modernization site at
  • For an expanded conversation with Susan Blocher, here’s a link to her session with The CUBE where she covers the server landscape in more depth—expanding on the 3 horizons of compute HPE servers are focused on—from the data center, to helping customers determine the right compute for their needs, and compute at the edge with internet of things and HPE EdgeLine. 
  • Among the most exciting announcements at HPE Discover was HPE EdgeLine designed to provide compute at the edge to support the Internet of Things. This CUBE interview with HPE’s Dr. Tom Bradicich and Eric Starkloff of National Instruments takes a deeper dive on this as well as the partnership between HPE and National Instruments in delivering IoT solutions at the edge. This session earned Dr. Tom Bradicich The CUBE interview of the week distinction. 
  • DreamWorks Animation’s head of technology communications, Kate Swanborg visited The CUBE with HPE’s Tim Peters to discuss recent server and options innovations (including HPE Persistent Memory to share how DreamWorks partners with HPE to have the latest technology available in making their movies. 
  • Next up in The CUBE, Dr. Tom Bradicich and McKesson’s Jason Willis discussed Moonshot Reinvented. McKesson is finding value in HPE Moonshot servers in the mobile workspace in remotely hosting desktop sessions so they really aren’t happening on the desktop.  HPE Moonshot is reinvented with new processing, integrated lights out (iLo) a new 1U chassis size added and key partner relationship enhancements.  The future of HPE Moonshot is also discussed to the vision to drive specialization faster. 
  • Though she’s only a week into her new role as head of IT for Mag-Lite, Nina Bailey and HPE's Jeff Kyle discuss, with The CUBE analysts, Mag-Lite’s decision to migrate from a legacy AS/400 environment to the HPE Integrity SuperdomeX. SuperdomeX’s unique nPar technology to leverage performance, memory, capacity and real time analytics with the X86 environment was a key consideration.  Jeff Kyle explores the renaissance of the mission critical environments we see with X86 enabling more open standard computing in these systems.  HPE partnerships with companies like SAP and Microsoft are extracting more value from these mission critical environments. 
  • McLeod Glass runs the SMB server business for HPE. Here he talks to Jake Ludington about the IT challenges facing small and medium businesses and how HPE is providing solutions specific to these unique challenges. 
  • The new ProLiant Easy Connect server from Hewlett Packard Enterprise simplifies managed service IT for small business by making it easy to deploy core services small businesses need in a single box. Here, HPE’s Minal Santhosh talked with Jake Ludington about the Easy Connect and how it fits into small business IT. 
  • Bill Mannel of Hewlett Packard Enterprise wraps up a demonstration of an in-memory database solution powered by the high performance computing of the HPE Apollo 2000 server line with some examples of how customers are using this. The demo features real time data analysis by Marcus Holm and Amit Vij of Kinetica (formerly GPUdb) as they demonstrate how quickly information can be filtered around specific topics using Twitter's data set. Some of the performance is gained by using GPU processing for a more powerful compute operation. It also features a demo of the HPE Apolllo 2000 from Radhika Saksena. 
  • My favorite session?  I had the opportunity to have breakfast with the team from DS Virgin Racing Formula E including driver Sam Bird.  Sustainability is critical to their efforts, as is data – lots of it – with the need to collect, analyze and act on it during each race.  The team travels with HPE Moonshot to do this.

DS Virgin Racing Forumla E Sam Bird and Denise Burns.jpg

 Whatever the compute need, HPE servers are busy innovating and rolling out the very best in compute technology to develop and provide the right compute to the right workload at the right economics.

Wondering where to start?  Visit our data center modernization page for ideas for projects to keep your data center future focused.

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