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While we think ProLiant Gen9 is great, don’t take our word for it. Customer results are what count.


Cloud computing, Big Data, Gaming and Entertainment, Mobility, Financial Services, etc. Is it possible for one generation of servers to deliver a diverse range of optimized computing to fit virtually any workload? That’s what HP has accomplished with its full line of Gen9 servers: fulfill critical tasks by optimizing “compute” to better facilitate business. However, don’t take our word for it—after all customer results are what it’s really all about.


Some examples of customers who are realizing better business outcomes with ProLiant Gen9 servers include:


Bigstep takes a big leap in cloud performance with ProLiant Gen9:

Build the highest performance cloud in the world for big data applications. Easy right? Not when you’re in a race like many IaaS vendors today where cloud compute pricing is in a “race to the bottom.” HP helped Bigstep essentially redefine how it provides compute to clients—gaining much more performance with the same scalability that was before reserved for virtualized environments and still maintain a competitive price point. The result in their words: “…….with HP ProLiant Gen9 servers, we’re able to deliver a level of compute for big data applications that is completely unmatched by any other public cloud.” See the full case study


Bally’s goes all-in with ProLiant Gen9:

You’ve got to produce nothing less than “wow” for customers in the gaming and entertainment industry. Imagine that kind of pressure. Mike Owens, manager of IT Lab Services at Bally Technologies puts it best, “It’s got to be spectacular, or you’ve got to get out of the business.” When the team at Bally had the chance to beta test HP ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Server Blades and HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Servers, they took the opportunity to test workloads and configurations that are core to its business……and ProLiant didn’t disappoint.  Owens explains, “…..we can get more CPU density, more memory density, and better performance in a smaller space while using fewer resources to power them……..we’ve got enormous power—so much power that we couldn’t even stress the CPU in our tests. We had more than a hundred virtual machines rolling the BL460c, and it wasn’t stretching the performance one bit.” See the full case study


Redstone realizes the real measure of customer satisfaction with ProLiant Gen9:

Being the trusted advisor for their membership, remaining the largest credit union in Alabama and 25th biggest in the country and being able to support 4 million transactions in a 10 minute period is no small task. On top of that, Redstone prides themselves on developing software apps for the financial services industry to continually increase revenue streams through mobility and cloud. In the words of Harry Gunsallus, CIO of Redstone Federal Credit Union, “We are here to enable the business and to drive the business and to generate new revenue streams and new opportunities. At the end of the day the Gen9 server enabled the business to grow, that’s the value, that’s the real measure.” Watch the video


Eshgro supports billion dollar businesses with ProLiant Gen9:

Focused on critical line of business applications and supporting billion dollar businesses in the cloud, there isn’t much room for error. When customers come to Eshgro they don’t ask for hardware—they ask for functionality!  What’s important for Eshgro is to have a reliable platform to build on to support those customers. As CEO Anton Loeffen and COO Guido Wouters put it ”Working with HP has helped us to improve our TCO 30% year over year…with HP as a compute partner we can deliver faster and faster, we did it year over year 30% faster delivery…..with ProLiant Gen9 blades we will be able to do more cloud services, we will be able to do more business, sure we will lower TCO but in effect we will be able to deliver our customers a more reliable service.”

Watch the video


For more information on the latest line of ProLiant Gen9 servers and learn how you can optimize your IT environment to enable better business performance, visit

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