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Why You Must Transform Your IT Infrastructure


Over the last five years, the world of commerce has radically changed. Traditional infrastructure can’t keep up with current business demands. Changing customer behavior, growing operational costs, greater complexity, and the inability of traditional IT infrastructure to respond to new market trends is hampering business.


Look at mobile banking: A mere five years ago, less than 5% of the population banked online. Today, mobile devices are the method of choice for most consumers. In fact, many customers now conduct extensive business on their smart phones: moving money around, buying stock, paying bills, and more.


An excellent example of a business that has taken advantage of the mobile trend is Square. The company provides little boxes that connect to smartphones and enable taxi drivers and other small businesses to swipe a credit card, validate it, and process payment on demand. Square didn’t exist five years ago but now handles $26 billion in annual transactions. By adopting Square as a point-of-sale provider, large businesses like Starbucks (with over 21,000 locations worldwide) are changing the way they do business.


In this new, fast-paced, digital economy, the demand for IT services requires a new model of quick development and deployment. It no longer makes sense to deliver one application every three to six months

or manually engineer that application with the minimal amount of servers, storage, and networking. That approach will not keep up with the need to continuously support business demands for customers who want

to engage in new ways.


To respond to the consumerization of IT with the experience end-users are looking for, the data center and

the compute resources underneath it must transform. But how? What are the steps when you have old infrastructure that you can’t just rip and replace?


Watch this video to see how 20th Century Fox, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Scientific Games, and others are transforming their data centers to meet modern business demands.



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