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Win the data accessibility and security race with HPE Server Storage


Learn how HPE can get you to the winner’s circle with improved data accessibility and security using HPE Server Storage solutions.

Blog_Storage_Win.jpgHere’s a surprising fact: only twelve horses since 1919 have won the American Triple Crown, the title awarded to three-year-old thoroughbreds that win the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. It may not seem like horse racing has anything to do with server storage solutions but, in fact, there are some interesting parallels.

We believe that there are three things, a trifecta if you will, that can help you win when trying to boost performance, improve your data accessibility and ensure data security:

  1. HPE ProLiant Servers—the world’s most secure industry-standard servers 1
  2. HPE drives—solid-state drive or hard-disk drives
  3. HPE Smart Array Gen10 controllers

In last month’s blog post, I outlined how HPE servers along with our drives have data protection built right in with the silicon root of trust and digitally signed firmware. Now, let’s look at how HPE drives and Smart Array Gen10 controllers fit into a winning training plan.

What it takes to be a winner

I discovered a slew of theories about why American Pharoah (2015) was the first horse to win the coveted trophy in 37 years. The three races that comprise the Triple Crown take place over five weeks, a grueling schedule by today’s training standards. In the past, horses ran races more frequently, and as a result, were accustomed to the endurance it takes to perform such a short schedule.

This kind of endurance is exactly what HPE drives have that puts them ahead of the pack. HPE digitally signed firmware provides the assurance that drive firmware comes from a trusted source. Our drives are tested for over 3.35 million hours2 under the most rigorous, real-world conditions, so that when they reach you, I know they can meet the demands of any data intensive applications.

Also of note is that the last race of the three, the Belmont Stakes, is the longest by a quarter mile. It requires not only endurance but a well-timed boost in performance in the final stretch. HPE Smart Array Gen10 controllers can help +when your data not only needs a performance boost but additional protection from accidental and malicious threats as well.

The new generation of controllers delivers:

  • 65% better performance with up to 1.6 million IOPs3compared to Gen9 controllers, while using up to 45% less power4resulting in power and cooling savings
  • Increased security with HPE Smart Array SR Secure Encryption5 enterprise class controller-based encryption solution for data-at-rest on all SAS/SATA drives connected to the controller (Helps comply with regulations for sensitive data such as the Health Accountability and Portability Act (HIPPA) or Sarbanes-Oxley too.)
  • Flexibility with Mixed Mode that allows you to put two drives in a RAID volume for mirroring data (protection with redundancy) and run software defined storage at the same time
  • Up to 25% increased write performance6 on RAID 5 and 6 for sequential workloads like active archiving and video surveillance
  • Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) storage configuration tool reduces the time it takes to configure simple RAID volumes on an unconfigured server 7
  • Rapid Parity Initialization (RPI) enables significantly faster parity initialization for newly created RAID 5, 6, 50 and 60 logical drives 8
  • HPE tools such as Smart Array SR SmartCache9 caches hot data (frequently accessed data) from HDDs onto SSDs to accelerate access by up to 4x, while Smart Storage Administrator (HPE SSA) allows you to configure, maintain and monitor direct attached storage

In the race to keep your data safe and maximize it for the best business outcomes, HPE wants to help you get to and stay in the winner’s circle. Over a quarter century as a leader in RAID technology with over 300+ RAID patents, and an industry-leading testing and qualification program for our drives, HPE is well equipped to help you with a winning training plan. 

Watch this HPE Smart Array Gen10 Controller whiteboard video for a quick recap:

To learn more about HPE server storage visit our website or click the world’s most secure industry-standard servers here.

 1 HPE Internal lab testing. 3.35M hour test quant is derived from a combination of drive qualification test plans, specifically HDDQ spec-supplier responsibility to perform, HDDQ spec-HP responsibility to perform, RDT-Reliability Demonstration test spec, CSI integration test spec and Pilot test requirements. Test conducted May 2017

2 Based on external firm conducting cyber security penetration testing of a range of server products from a range of manufacturers, May 2017.

3 HPE internal lab testing comparing HPE Gen9 to Gen10 Smart Array Controllers, January 2017

4 HPE internal lab testing comparing HPE Gen9 to Gen10 Smart Array Controllers, October 2016

5 HPE Smart Array Gen10 Controllers are currently on the Validation Program FIPS 140-2 Implementation under test list and are expected to complete FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Validation in 2018

6 Based on HPE internal lab testing, January 2017

7Based on internal HPE testing comparing the Gen9 solution to using the UEFI Config Tool saves approximately three minutes. May 2017

8 For example, the parity initialization for a RAID 5 volume with 10 x 8TB HDDs could take several months to complete as the controller must initialize 80TB of storage (10 drives x 8TB) with numerous pauses every time the controller reads/writes data to/from the drives. RPI would initialize all 10 drives simultaneously while keeping the newly created volume offline to avoid any interruptions that results in completing parity initialization in just a few hours, March 2017.

9 SmartCache performance done with equivalent controller in a controlled environment. HP (now HPE) Smart Storage engineers, Houston, TX as of 18 May 2014 posted on Internal SmartCache wiki page

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