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Wishing a Not-So-Fond Farewell to Your Exiting Vendor and Saying Hello to HP



Recently Antonio Neri was interviewed by eWeek Magazine about HP’s efforts targeting IBM and Lenovo customers.


So with IBM’s planned departure from the x86 arena are you one of those disenfranchised customers wondering what the future holds for you? We at HP understand you have a choice when it comes to filling out you technology roster and we want you to know that HP is the partner committed to supporting your success, now and in the future. So what’s different from what HP has been doing in the past?

HP is going BOLD—because we believe it’s the right thing to do to help you navigate the disruptive forces and changing industry landscape like vendors exiting the market. Called Project Smart Choice, it is giving you all -access to HP, to help understand who we are, what we offer, and how we can help you keep your enterprise moving forward.



qmark.pngThis effort is not just about showing you that you have choice, it’s sharing our vision with the world and helping enterprises—like yours—navigate a critical inflection point in the industry where the current course and speed are unacceptable. It’s what we call the “new style of IT”, driven by the rise of Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, and Security trends. New IT delivery and consumption models like convergence, cloud and software defined data centers are complicating compute operations. Plus new suppliers, partners, ecosystem to connect. That’s a lot of change to comprehend and still have your business initiatives be successful.


As the leader of the server industry, HP understands the complexity and needs in compute and has a clear, unique vision on where compute needs to head next. That vision includes a significant amount of innovation across HP and is just as true in server land. There’s no doubt the industry is changing … and HP is changing too. From deep innovation within the engineering community across HP to joint work with HP Labs to innovations within our partner ecosystem. Deep innovation continues with hardware optimized for particular workloads across a strong server road map and a vast array of services.


And we are making that journey easier for you with solutions that improve reliability, reduce cost and optimize the infrastructure for your specific workloads. You shouldn’t have to put your business strategy on hold, while your vendor figures out theirs. Your business requires professional global support, and this change by IBM raises questions about the future of support for your x86 systems. Only HP understands that your future business needs require the commitment of a strategic partner, one with the know-how in services and infrastructure combined with decades of insight into your industry. HP is a strategic partner that delivers foresight, stability, and depth end to end — keeping your enterprise ready for the workloads of tomorrow. Learn how personalized guidance and incentives can help you in your transition today and make the Smart Choice.



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