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World Record x86 SAPS benchmark performance from HPE



Blog written by Julie Chang, Marketing Manager, Mission Critical Solutions

 World´s fastest SAP ASE platform

HPE just published a new world record benchmark for HPE Integrity Superdome X server running SAP ASE. The Superdome X has delivered numerous world benchmark records since it was launched in 2014, and this new record shows that HPE Superdome X is the world fastest SAP ERP server platform running SAP ASE and RedHat Linux Operating System, with the latest Intel Xeon E7 processor. It delivers an impressive 117,611 SAP Sales and Distribution users and 644,840 SAPS, with a staggering 59% better performance over the nearest x86 competitor! It heightens the performance and efficiency for the transactional-intensive SAP ASE database, and creates a competitive advantage for the customers in today’s digital economy.

Unprecedented platform for your SAP ASE database solution

Over 30,000 business entities use SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) globally to run SAP Business Suite applications. The SAP ASE is specifically designed for high-speed data and transaction processing. Financial as well as security firms employ this technology due to the fact that it provides a very secure relational database management system optimized for the transaction-based business applications.

SAP business processes are at the core of the company’s ability for Enterprise resource planning, Customer relationship management, Supply chain management, Product life cycle planning, etc.  The speed and reliability of mission-critical SAP applications only perform as well as the database they are running on. In turn, databases only perform as well as the systems they are running on. 

Provides what you are looking for and what you need

Based on many industry surveys with CIOs, their top database design requirements are:

  • Extreme performance
  • System availability
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Ease of management
  • Simplified infrastructure
  • Deployment agility


A well designed database server platform can increase agility, boost profitability, and reduce risk by improving responsiveness, availability, and data protection of your mission-critical business processing.

HPE Superdome X not only breaks world records in performance but also delivers the following benefits that exceed the CIOs expectation as a database server platform:

  • End-to-end mission critical RAS features with 99.999% system availability[1] to protect your valuable business data.
  • Breakthrough scalability handles large x86 database workloads and redefines economics for mission critical compute. Its TCO is averaged about 30-40% lower than IBM Power, Oracle Exadata, or other scale-out servers.
  • Its unique nPars, a hardware-isolated partitioning, offers flexible consolidation to meet your changing workload demand and the ability to reduce your software licensing costs.


For more HPE Superdome X information, please visit HPE portal.


[1] Source: Based on HPE Lab availability analysis and actual measured availability results. Single-system Superdome X server availability of five nines (99.999%) can be greatly increased when used in combination with failover clustering solutions like HPE Serviceguard for Linux. June 2015.

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I am a Marketing Manager within HP Servers focused on Mission-Critical Solutions.

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