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Area, Subarea not populating

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Area, Subarea not populating

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Sometimes when the users click on the area & subarea "fill" button, it does not return a list of values.


Has anyone encountered this problem before?


Best Regards,

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Re: Area, Subarea not populating



There have been reports in the past about the fill functionality not working (similar to this


However can you please give us more details about your environment such as:


1. Service Manager RTE and application version

2. Issue observed in Web Client or Eclipse Client or both?

3. If it's the Web Client what browser is being used?

4. Sometimes or some users only experience the problem?

5. Possibly send us the format that you're using so we can check the field and it's settings.


Best Regards,


Daniel Petrov

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Re: Area, Subarea not populating

Sorry for the late reply,

This happens only sometimes (not specific to any users).

1. Service Manager RTE : 9.31.3009, Application: 9.31.0022
2. Web Client only
3. IE version 7, 8, 9
4. As mentioned
5. It is all out of the box, the only thing we did was to add more area/subarea

Best Regards,