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How to configure email setup in SM 7.11

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How to configure email setup in SM 7.11

We are going to install SM7.11 and want to find out how to configure scsmtp or is ther any way of setting up email.
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Re: How to configure email setup in SM 7.11

Hi Praveen,

Follow the steps below to setup scsmtp in SM.

1. Downloaded scsmtp.exe, scsmtp.ini & scsmtp.log files & place them in the RUN folder of service manager server

2. In scsmtp.ini, I entered smtp server:servername, sever: localhost, 12690 & enter email addresses in the from, cc & bcc fields

3. smtp will be initialized with service manager.

4. Make sure you have the listener port ON by writing the following line in sm.ini

scautolistner: 12690

If you have scauto license then you can follow the instructions in scauto userguide to configure email service.

HTH. Points are appreciated.

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Re: How to configure email setup in SM 7.11

hi praveen
yes there is another of configuring mail through ServiceCenter Auto Application V 4.01/ V 4.02
you must have following things configured on your system
Emailing system (Outlook, lotus...)
SMTP server.
Valid Email account.
Connectivity between SMPT server and HPSM server.
Steps involved in SCAuto installation and
1. Set up Outlook 2007 client.
2. SCAuto Installation
3. Configuration of SCAuto Application:
a) Run an SCAuto application as a Windows service
b) Unpack to ..\HP\Service Manager 7.0\Server\RUN
c) Setting Up SCMAPI Configuration File - scmapi.ini
d) Setting Up scsmtp.ini for SCAuto Mail Service
e) Setting Up sm.cfg for SCAuto Mail Service
f) Restart the Service Manager Service
g) Check the scsmtp.log file

After configuring a proper profile in Outlook you install SCAuto on SM server and during installation when asked with following details fill in with following details

enter the name of the sever Scauto wants to connect to :- localhost

Please enter the sever port of the SCAuto wants to connect to: -12690

Enter the mapi profile or mailbox SCauto wants to connects to :- (Fill the profile name you mentioned) SCAuto (in my case)

After installation Configuration of SCAuto Application:-
Edit the scampi.ini file in â c:\programfiles\HP\HP_SCAuto_Applications_4.0.2\Mail\scmapi.iniâ and add the following lines:-

events_maps_dir: EventMap
profile: sm7
log: scmapi.log


Edit the scsmtp.ini file in â c:\program files\HP\Service Manager 7.0\Server\RUN\scsmtp.iniâ and add the following lines:


Set Up sm.cfg for SCAuto Mail Service Edit sm.cfg in â c:\program files\HP\Service Manager 7.0\Server\RUN\sm.cfgâ and add in the following line so that the SC Auto listener and scsmtp starts automatically when starting Service Manager:

# start a Service Manager listener


# start background schedulers

sm system.start
sm -scautolistener:12690

Restart the Service Manager Service and within the system status the SCAutoListener should now be running.

Check the scsmtp.log file in the RUN folder to check if scsmtp.exe is running
pid (2248) (3264) debug: scauto_connect to
pid (2248) (3264) debug: connected to

points appreciated

never say die
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Re: How to configure email setup in SM 7.11

Thank you for the replies. Appreciate your help.
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Re: How to configure email setup in SM 7.11


sorry for my intervention in this thread...

Neo.. i will open another thread could you please help me?

I want to configure Inbound & Outbound email using Lotus.... how can I achieve that???
Could you please give me details step by step like here...? coz i've never used lotus.. & i don't know if it works or not... inbound & outbound..

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Re: How to configure email setup in SM 7.11

hava you resolved that, if yes, could you please tell me how to set up?