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Localization of QBE list


Localization of QBE list



My client uses a localize systems (HPSM 9.3) and for some reason I cannot get the QBE list to display the table values in French.  The Global list is localized, the table headers are localized and in the interaction form the displayed values is also localized but I can seem to get is to display properly on the QBE (incident.qbe.g).


Can anyone help?


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Re: Localization of QBE list



If you create an entry in the scmessage table for label that you want localizes then it should work.

Basically you would need 3 things

- label of the column as it is defined in data dictionairy

- language code for the language you want the label translated in

- translated label



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Re: Localization of QBE list

basically I have a new category called "request for information" that I want to translate to "demande d'information".
I created a new entry in scmessge with following values:
language code=fr
message number=72
text=demande d'information

I used this entry to localize my categories global list, without result.

when I read you answer it sounds I just didn't created my scmessage entry correctly. Is it right?
do you have an example to fill class field and message number field? I don't understand how to retrieve the label of column as defined in data dictionnary, and how to use it.

I apologize to ask so basic question...