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Monitoring New Or Updated Events in HPSM


Monitoring New Or Updated Events in HPSM


I am new to HPSM. And I need to integrate HPSM in Our Product. So Any one please give the ways to monitoring newly or updated events in HPSM.

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Re: Monitoring New Or Updated Events in HPSM

Can you please tell us whether you are trying to integrate HP SM with your product using HP SM Event Services?


If yes, you need to look at 2 tables in SM called,





eventin table contains records which come from other product, where eventout table contains records which goes to other product. In this case you need to monitor both these tables so you can integrate SM with your product.


Re: Monitoring New Or Updated Events in HPSM

Thanks  for your  quick response. We are using  Axis2  to calling methods in  HPSM9.20 Webservices through the corresponding batch files provided by HP Guys.

For example, If we want to invoke the CreateIncidentSample  method in HPSM web service, then we need to pass the arguments to the CreateIncidentSample.bat as follows. (If the  CreateIncidentSample.bat is  in Install_Directory\HPSM_Sample\bin directory then)


Install_Location>HPSM_Sample\bin>CreateIncidentSample.bat -host -port 13080 -username "falcon" -password "" -title "Program Crashes" -category "incident" -area hardware -subArea "hardware failure" -description "CustomerReports" -urgency 1 -impact 1 -service Applications -assignmentGroup "Application" -attachment ":"

Now I need to know the exact webservice method to monitor the new or updated events in HPSM9.20 identified by Incident ID's. Also let me know if there is any method or batch file to get  only newor updated incidents from HPSM .

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Re: Monitoring New Or Updated Events in HPSM

Axis2 is an example of how to call SM webservices on various modules like Incident, Change etc.


To find out the various methods that are supported by Incident Management module webservice, please specify following URL in your web-browser,




Here 13080 means the port number on which SM server is listening and you need to adjust it accordingly to your environment.


If you browse through the web-page you can find "operation name> tag followed by a particular name.

For example,


<operation name="RetrieveIncident">


This means SM Incident management webservice provides the operation RetrieveIncident to retrieve details of a particular incident.


You can use Axis example to find out the parameters that are been passed to a particular operation or you can use SOAP UI or Net Beans to find out the parameters.


From the web-page you can check whether there are any operations defined for your needs.


Re: Monitoring New Or Updated Events in HPSM

Thanks for reply...


I have already gone through the RetriveIncident method. It will dispaly the necessary information regarding incident based on the given incidentId. But our requirement is to get only new or updated Incidents according to timely basis or other criteria.Let me explain in detail, suppose I have created 10 incidents and these get by the first time, then I have to modify 3 incidents among 10 incidents.If i get all the incidents it will display that updated incidents(i.e.,3 events) only.Could you please help me to achive this requirement and also list me any  filteration method is there to achieve this task.


Re: Monitoring New Or Updated Events in HPSM

I have used the web service method RetrieveIncidentKeysList to get all the incidents from the HPSM IncidentManagement. And it was working fine.. But when i call this method, it was getting all the incidents irrelevant to date which was mentioned there to filter incidents .I need to get only  new incidents or updated incidents based on the date and time.Can any one help me to achive this task.


Thanks in Advance.