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Multipe Conditions in DVD

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Multipe Conditions in DVD

Hi to all frontend developers,


it need to know if its possible to add more than one DVD condition do a visible condition.


For example: "[$a]=true and [$b]= false"


If its possible, what is the correct Syntax?


Regards from Germany

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Re: Multipe Conditions in DVD

[ Edited ]

For an AND condition:

[a]=true & [b]=true


For an OR condition:

[field1]="name" | [field1]="nom"


If you combine AND and OR statements, the order of operations will group them--you cannot use parens.

[a]=true & [b]=true & [field1]="name" | [field1]="nom"

would evaluate as:

[a]=true & [b]=true & [field1]="name"       OR        [field1]="nom"


The sample format in SM called dep.g has some examples of DVD controls and expressions

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Re: Multipe Conditions in DVD

Hi John

I have tested the below and it works however when I change the equal "=" to not equal to"<>" it does not work for multiple conidtions (however for a single condition it works) . Below is an example of what does not work:


[field1]<>"name" | [field1]<>"nom"


appreciate your feedback



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Re: Multipe Conditions in DVD


Maybe I am mistaken now but I think that you can achieve the same with [field1]<>"name" & [field1]<>"nom"


like & instead of | (or)

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Re: Multipe Conditions in DVD

[field1]<>"name" & [field1]<>"nom" is not the same as [field1]<>"name" | [field1]<>"nom" and will not produce the same result.

AND: will only return true if all inputs are true

OR: will return true if at least one input is true

I am not sure why the <> expressions aren't working for you, but I have been able to get it to work.

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Re: Multipe Conditions in DVD

@Vadim Gorda : Strange but it worked for me. Thanks