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SD Operator could save self service interactions

SD Operator could save self service interactions

Hello to all,


i have the following customer requirement: Operators must have the option to SAVE interactions and not just Close or Escalate them. 


There are two types of interactions into the Service Desk, self service interactions, and interactions registered by the operators themesleves.


I have altered the "User Condition" in cc.first (sreen1.jpg) display option (which corresponds to the form opened when an operator registers a new interaction) and now my operators can save their interactions the first time they register.


In the case that an operator "Edits" an interaction registered from the self service interface, the cc.edit.incident display option is called (SD.update.interaction(cc.edit.incident)) i can not make the "save" button to work (screen2.jpg). I have altered (sreen3.jpg) again both "Save" records on cc.edit.incident display option. The "Save button appears into the SD.update.interaction but when i try to save the message "Cannot save this interaction. Either escalate or close this interaction" is displayed. This is not the case when i try to edit an non self service registered interaction.


Any suggestions?


I have checked the format control for the form SD.update.interaction but not found any relevant information.

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Re: SD Operator could save self service interactions

The Validation is located in the Format Control named: incidents

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Re: SD Operator could save self service interactions

i am having same issue....any idea?