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SM 9.30 with Weblogic

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SM 9.30 with Weblogic

Hello everyone;


What instructions should be followed to complete the installation of WebTier of SM in a WebLogic application server 11g?
Currently we are dealing in HP Service Manager version 9.30, but our client requires the platform to be installed on your web server WebLogic 11g.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback.

Regards from Colombia;
Cristian Chavez

Re: SM 9.30 with Weblogic



Unfortunately we don't have any official documentation on deploying on Weblogic 11G.  The deployment should be done just like any other J2SEE application.  However, in support when we deploy we make our own documentation.  There is a couple of ways to do this.  I've attached a xls file for a deployment on WL 10.3 and SM921.  I know they are not the exact versions you are looking for.  However, there should not be any differences at least from the webtier client.  I'm not sure if WL 11 is drastically differnt.  I have not used that yet.


If still find yourself struggling to get 9.30 deployed properly with WL 11g, please open a ticket in support and we can walk through the process together on a webex or virtual room session.


Thank you,


Re: SM 9.30 with Weblogic



Thanks for the reply, it is very useful for us and will be useful, we will consider the idea of seeking assistance from HP Support for this particular case.

Sorry for the delay in responding for work but had not been able to read the forum before.

Regards from Colombia;
Cristian Chavez