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SM Tip 9.33 is now available!

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SM Tip 9.33 is now available!

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Hello everybody,


I find it important to announce the availability of SM 9.33.


The new features include:

- Attachment handling usability improvements
- Case-insensitive Oracle solution to speed up queries
- A number of SRC enhancements including tablet support
- Simplifying the upgrade process with automatic data purge data when creating a custom upgrade
- Securing e-mail communications by adding an S/MIME digital signature to outbound emails
- New magnify table button
- Chrome support in the web client
- and more


The following support matrix changes were made:



Web Client: Chrome 31+; Firefox 24 ESR; WebSphere Application Server 8.5
Mobility: IOS7; WebSphere Application Server 8.5
Server: Red Hat Linux 6.4

Window Client: Windows XP
Web Client: IE7; WebSphere Application Server 6.1; Firefox 17~23



- 375+ defects fixed
- 50+ enhancements implement
- All 15 language packs are updated and SIM shipped
- The patch delivery process is changed to centralize the release notes delivery via the new SM 9.3x patch overview document

The PDCP4 confliction unload is SIM shipped on Live Network


A few notes to close:

- The PDCP3 confliction unload and PDCP4 language pack unload will be delivered by end of March (customers who are using SM 9.32 and PDCP3 and PDCP language pack will need to wait for this)
- We produced three videos to introduce “What’s New in SM9.33”, “Attachment handling” and “SRC enhancements”.  These will soon be available at



- Compatibility matrix: KM00729514
- Compatibility matrix for application content: KM00503656
- Release notes: KM00726410

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Re: SM Tip 9.33 is now available!

Here are the install bits:


Windows Server KM00732759

Linux Server KM00732755

HP Itanium Server KM00732753

Solaris Server KM00732757

AIX Server KM00732751


Applications KM00732770


Web Tier KM00732761

Windows Client KM00732763


Service Request Catalog KM00732774

Mobility Client KM00732768

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Re: SM Tip 9.33 is now available!






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Re: SM Tip 9.33 is now available!

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There is another thread with more detail but:

  • SM mobility is free with the SM Foundation license (if you have SM, you have this). It is intended for technical users and approvers to faciitate remote updates of tickets, remote approvals, etc. 
  • The SM Anywhere GetIt product is not included as part of the SM license and HP Anywhere is licensed separately. It introduces a platform which may be expanded beyond SM and provides an end-user targeted self-service portal for mobile.

Note that if you use SM with the SRC portal, HP also provides a iPad SRC client (they might also provide one for Android, but I don't know since I don't have an Android device). This would provide an alternative way to expose Self Service via tablets but not smartphones. (I don't know what HP's long term plans are for this app, and would confirm them with HP before deploying this at a customer site). 


HP ITSM Service Request Catalog by Hewlett Packard

You can connect to an HP test server to demo it, it's quite nice. 

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Re: SM Tip 9.33 is now available!

hi John Stagaman!


Thanks for your summary!.



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Re: SM Tip 9.33 is now available!

Android HP Service Request Catalog:

Service Manager Expert at HPE
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