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SM Webtier Customization (Language Combo Box)

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SM Webtier Customization (Language Combo Box)

Hello experts. I want to modify the language combo box in the login screen as only show one language. We use two languages for sm. One for users as Turkish and second one is for software development inside client as English. So we have two languages active for SM. What i try to do is, I want to modify something for only webtier as the language combobox to show only Turkish language not English as an option. Thanks for all helps. 


Adding attachment about this also.

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Re: SM Webtier Customization (Language Combo Box)



The web tier login page references a global list for the input of the language.


Therefore, to remove this option you would either need to change the global list or amend the display list in the format.


To do the first of these you would have to navigate to the global lists and select the list named 'Languages Supported'. Once you have selected this, remove the limiting SQL, and the file referenced, and then check the 'User Defined List' option. You could then set the display list field to {"Turkish"} and the value list field to {"tr"}. On the next regen of the list, or a restart of the system, Turkish would be the only option available from the dropdown. If you are doing this I would also suggest that if no other web language is required that you set the dropdown to be 'Select Only'


To change the login form then select the 'login.prompt.g' in the forms designer utility and then 'design' the format and change the values for the properties on the dropdown list so that you remove $L.language.ids from the 'Value List' property and replace it with 'try' and remove $G.language.names from the 'Display List' property and replace it with 'Turkish'


Again, after a restart you should only see the 'Turkish' entry on the login screen.


Hope this helps,




Re: SM Webtier Customization (Language Combo Box)

Hi Steve,

First of all thansk for your reply. We are using SM 9.30 and i can not find that form in fd for modify and after a quick research i found that we can not modify webtier from sm client after the 9.21 version. I have to modify a css or some file from Tomcat folder that affects the language area. I need the name of that file to modify this.

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Re: SM Webtier Customization (Language Combo Box)

Hi ,


You have to modify smlogin.jsp, in the input form lang is populated by JSP code which populates available langagues from hp service manager.




Abhijit K

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Re: SM Webtier Customization (Language Combo Box)



I have reviewed the code and what that shows is that when the login page is displayed a session is established to the SM server to issue a query against the language file to display those languages that are active in the system. This session, once the languages have been retrieved, is then terminated.


Hence there is no file that can be changed to set the language in the list. It is possible to remove the language option from the login format. Doing this will ensure that whatever language is set for the operator language will be the language used when logging in through the web client.


To remove the language dropdown list comment out or remove the following lines from the smlogin.jsp file which is found in the <webapp install folder>\webtier-9.31\smlogin.jsp:



<td class="loginLabel">

<label for="LoginLanguage" id="Locale" class="loginLabel"><%=loginBundle.getString("Login.Form.Language.Label")%></label>


<td class="loginInput">

<select name="L.language" id="LoginLanguage" tabindex="3">


if (languageMap != null) {

for(Map.Entry e : languageMap.entrySet()) {


<option value="<%=e.getKey()%>" <% if (language != null && language.equals(e.getKey())) { %>selected = "true"<% } %>><%=e.getValue()%></option>

<% } } %>





That is the best answer I can find at the moment.


Hope it helps,




Re: SM Webtier Customization (Language Combo Box)

Thank you all. I modified that jsp file as you said so Steve. That 2 replys all true. Thank you again:)