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Send email through JS after update ess call

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Send email through JS after update ess call



I want send a email notification to a assignment group when the end user update the ess call.

I've tried through of notifications and macro and without success.

I put a JS in display options "cc.edit.incident" on the Save & Exit button because this action changes the Incident Status from Pending Customer to Open, but I want to notify the assignment group:


var file = system.vars.$file;
var imid = file.incident_id;

var Vrel = new SCFile('screlation');
var Srel = Vrel.doSelect("source=\""+ imid +"\" and depend.filename=\"problem\" and\"true\"");

if (Srel == RC_SUCCESS)
var incid = new SCFile('probsummary');
var selincid = incid.doSelect("number=\""+Vrel.depend+"\" and problem.status=\"Pending Customer\"");
if (selincid == RC_SUCCESS)

incid.problem_status = "Open";
print("The incident "+Vrel.depend+" has been update, it status is Open now.");

print("Ocorreu um erro ao processar!");




How could I do it?

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Re: Send email through JS after update ess call

You should use the notification for this purpose. What is the issue you are getting in this.

Assign Kudo, if found post useful and mark it accepted if solves the issue.
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Re: Send email through JS after update ess call

Because the update action is in Interaction, when the end-user does an update the interaction, the Incident changes it status automatically to "Open", through this JS.