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Service Manager labs or trainning pdf


Service Manager labs or trainning pdf



I attended a Service Center (Version 6.2 or close i think) course at HP over 3 or 4 years ago and haven't had any experience with it since and so have nearly little or no knowledge at all of the product and was wondering if anyone has labs or training exercises that I could follow to get back into it be it a begginers level or tailoring level labs/training exercise.


I don't have any documentation from back when i had the training and am feeling a bit lost looking at it right now. I have installed it on my laptop, got the server and client running but the available application manuals haven't got me far because they lack real labs or pratice examples for me to follow and learn...


I don't really think it is productive to keep coming to this forum asking real simple begginer questions and that is why I'm trying to figure it out by myself...


Thank you all very much in advance.


Re: Service Manager labs or trainning pdf

I find the information on the application help a bit scattered for a beginner...for example, it explains how to do stuff on the Format Control considering the user already knows a lot about it and also doens't explain how it relates to other parts of Service Manager...


Any how to or exercises that would relate subjects and tailoring in general would be very much apreciated...

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Re: Service Manager labs or trainning pdf

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The 9.3x help server includes a PDF Tailoring Guide which may be helpfuk (there are a large number of PDFs in the Help. 

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Re: Service Manager labs or trainning pdf

Thank you for the best practices pdf, i hadn't seen that one out of the pdfs on the manuals in the Help, it is indeed helpfull but only to some an example of what i mean, it explains what a combo box is, the best use for it, etc but it says


"You determine the list of possible values by either manually entering the values for the control or providing a global list variable for the Value List attribute."


and this is lacking the type of help I need as a beginner, i was looking more for a labs how to exercises, actual practical examples of how to have a combo box have a global list displayed as options...this is just an example, i don't specifically need this one :)


That is what i have been looking for for a long time and can't find...


The document itself says and assumes  "You are a system implementer with general knowledge of Service Manager tailoring tools and techniques" 


I used to have this material from the training but it was a long time ago...anyone ?




Re: Service Manager labs or trainning pdf

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I'm sorry for insisting but I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment and really need some learning material for Service Manager...


On other HP products like Operations , NNM and such, I've been able through self-teaching, pick it up, Service Manager doesn't seem to be this accessible and really need some learning labs and how to's...

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Re: Service Manager labs or trainning pdf

I was/am quite new to it as well.  I currently have 2 years under my belt without formal training.


Guides/Tutorials are fairly non existent.


Your sources for help are best obtained from one of these methods:


- Search for PDF's on HP's Site.

- Look up the vague information on the help server

- Ask on the forums

- Pay for formal training from HP or a authorized dealer.

- Search for documentation on the old Peregrine system on HP's website.  Download the manuals for ver 5/6 and read those.  It discusses the ideas behind it, although the menu's it describes are very different now.   This combined with the help server and some nice people on the forums has gotten me through some major changes in our system.


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Re: Service Manager labs or trainning pdf

Just want to add to c911darkwolf that you should search on forum itself before raising a new thread.
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Re: Service Manager labs or trainning pdf

+1 to Piku

If you goto the search and type in a keyword a drop down list of possible post that relate to you show up. I normally type in something like say "mandantan" and then right click and open in new tab first 3 or 4.

i would say 2/3 to 3/4th of my questions are answered via old posts instead of having to post it anew.

Don't take that the wrong way that if you dont find it do post the question!

Also the stars on the left are for giving Kudo's for people that helped and click the "Solution" button when your issue is resolved so we know not to try to research the issue any further.
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Re: Service Manager labs or training PDF

Hi Travis,


There is a lot of documents into out knowledge base. You should have a valid support contract to have access to it.


I recommend you to play with the tool based on the training you received. It's important to let you know that we are on SM 9.31 and this version is really different in designed compare with SC.


There are trainings available also in HP University or HP Education.







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Re: Service Manager labs or training PDF



I recommend you to register in HP partner portal and get the Learner ID, you'll be able to get the necessary WBT or training manual from the website.

Kindly contact your Sales Representative.