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Service Request Manager timezones

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Service Request Manager timezones

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How can I change the timezone setting for tickets that I submit to HP's service request manager?  Basically, all of my ticket's timestamps are displayed in some other timezone.  I have gone through my profile settings, but am not finding an option.


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Re: Service Request Manager timezones

The time zone settings are set in the operator record. This means that any update that you make will have your time zone applied to the UTC time. The same is true of any other operator that makes a change, and background processes are governed by the time zone set for the system in the system information record.

If you are seeing other operators update your requests, then the timestamps you are seeing are timestamps for the time zone of the operator making the update.

If the UTC time on the server ios set incorrectly, this can skew the timestamps, as this is the base time that is used within Service Manager, it applies an offest to the system hardware time.
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Re: Service Request Manager timezones

Ok, I think I didn't explain correctly.  When I have a HP software issue, I go to the HP's  Service Request manager webpage.  Basically, HP's request system to submit software support requests.  I didn't realize that they named their software support system the same as one of their products.  So when logged in and the title for the servie request page says, "Service Request Manager powered by Service Manager".  That's nice and confusing...  So whenever I submit a ticket or upate the comments, the time is always off, and there is no identifier as to what timezone it was posted under.