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i want to see al my services

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i want to see al my services

Please i need to see all my services, when i click on the find button in affected service in the open a new interaction area (screen shot "find" attached ),on the second page ("service type attched" ),i'm only able to see the bizservice type how could i list all my services with all types ?
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Re: i want to see al my services

All "Services" are defined in SM7 as CI's of Type "bizservice" (= Business Service). A bizservice can be classified by subtypes (Application service, Intrastructure service etc).

A Service must be subscribed by a department or a person. (unfortunately this must be done actively by the person oder department via Subscription in ESS). There is no ootb-menu-entry for Administrator to relate a service and a department/person)

ootb the system is configured in the following way, when you register a new interaction:
1. choose a Contact
2. choose the affected service.
--> F9 will show only the services, this special contact or his department will have subscribed.
If you choose another contact, you will probably get another list of services.
if you choose NO contact, as you did in the screenshot, you will get only the list of services, nobody has subscribed.

To see the list of ALL available services, go to Menu / configuration management / Resources / Search CI.
Choose Type "Business Service" an click search. You will get a list of All services, that are defined in your system.

Remember: A "Service" is defined as CI of type "bizservice".

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Re: i want to see al my services

thank you for you reply,let me check and in case i will get back to you