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sm9.31.0022 patch


sm9.31.0022 patch

We have the following set-up:

SM9.30 binary upgrade (7.11 application)


I searched for the latest patch for SM9.30 and it came up with "Windows Server 9.31.0022" which is applicable for Version 9.31 and 9.30, released on Oct 22, 2012.  It is a critical patch.


I applied the patch on both server and web.  No problems with server but the web does not properly display the ToDo Queue screen.  I even tried installing an OOB SM9.30 and applying the patch sm9.31.0022.  Same issue, ToDo screen in web does not display properly.


Has anyone encountered the same issue?  Would appreciate any ideas/thoughts on this one.




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Re: sm9.31.0022 patch

Have you tried different browsers? You're probably using IE 9? First thing what comes to my mind...Fat client works ok?


I also installed SM9.30 OOB and upgraded it to SM9.31 by the patch tool and didn't encounter the problems you do.



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Re: sm9.31.0022 patch

If you're using IE8 or higher, view the site in IE compatibility mode

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Re: sm9.31.0022 patch

Clear your browser cache, and you have to do it the long way around.  You have to go to where the files are located and delete them that way while Internet Explorer is NOT running. 


For example, on XP machines using Internet Explorer

C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files


Then select all the files and delete them


Re: sm9.31.0022 patch

Its the OS. We are currently on 2003. I tested the war file on a 2008 OS and it worked without any issues.