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Hi All,


I have an issue with time zone.


Login SM using login id “abc” who is in time zone “123” and Create interaction select customer time zone and pending release time and save the interaction ( pending release time is a date/time field)


Login SM using login id “xyz” who is in time zone “456”and open same interaction pending release time value changes because of time zone conversion

I don’t want this conversion to happen whatever value I select should remain same across all logins who are in different time zones.
Whatever may the time zone be of logged in user the pending release time field value should display same value it should not convert or change.

Honored Contributor

Re: timezone


I feel it is not possible for single field or module. It would be generic and you could remove the time zone from each operator file and set single for all in company record.

Assign Kudo, if found post useful and mark it accepted if solves the issue.