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3par clx setup issue

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3par clx setup issue

Hi All,


I'm trying to setup serviceguard 11.20 with CLX extension on our new pair of 3par arrays; with not much success so far.

was hoping someone could shed some light into configuration/setup of the clx extension; so far i have:


0/ created lvm/lvol @ lun presented from 3par array

1/ downloaded & installed 3PAR CLX extension; configured /etc/opt/hpclx3par/conf/CLX3PAR.config with all required directives

2/ configured /etc/opt/hpclx3par/conf/UCF.cfg (pretty much same settings as above)

3/ created a package with clx/clxsg module enabled; added VG/FS settings;  applied package to my cluster


what i am missing is clxpmu-like utility known to EVA CLX people around; to define password for CLX operations.


results so far :


CLX doesnt communicate with 3par array; package is stuck in starting status and nothing happens.

any help much appreciated!




Dennis Handly
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Re: 3PAR clx setup issue

Can you connect/manage the array using the HP 3PAR CLI?

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Re: 3PAR clx setup issue

I can connect to cli from both cluster nodes via ssh - using user/password that was provided to me for clx operations