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Add new filesystem in MC servicegaurd A.11.19

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Add new filesystem in MC servicegaurd A.11.19

Hi All,


We have a two node cluster  running  running on hpux 11.23 and service gaurd version  A.11.19


We have created on new vg with a filesystem. when we are trying to integrate with this new filesystem with cluster,  we get  to know its totally different  from the older version !!!!


in older version what i  used to do


1.  Make vgs available from both servers (with vgimport)

2.   Make vg to cluster aware

3.   add entries of new vg and filesystem in  pkg control script.


But the funniest thing here ...  There is no control file available here .. i can see only pkg configuration file in  package directory ...


Let me know if i missing something ...  Is there any additional/different  steps i have to perform in new version .





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Re: Add new filesystem in MC servicegaurd A.11.19

Hi prasanth,


Probably you are working on package configued with modular approach. Its a new feature introduced after A.11.18. This file contains both configuration detail (old config and control file). So if you open this file you will find section for volume group and file system like below - 


# Legal values for vg: /^[0-9A-Za-z\/][0-9A-Za-z_.\/\-]*[0-9A-Za-z]$/, /^[0-9A-Za-z]$/.
vg              vgtest

vg  vgtest2


fs_name /dev/vgdb/lvol1

fs_server  ""

fs_directory /export/data

fs_type "vxfs"

fs_mount_opt  "-o rw"

fs_umount_opt ""

fs_fsck_opt ""

***note there is not counting for multiple entries unlike to A.11.18.


Hope it will help.