BCV With Service Guard ?

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BCV With Service Guard ?

Hi All,


I have Implemeted a BCV Setup on one of my HP-UX Server which is also a passive node from production package.

All the BCV luns are Synced with the Production Data Luns when BCV Re-Sync Happens


Is there Any Possibility of Integrating the BCV Volume Group to the SG Cluster ?

The Case Statement is Whenever Production Package Failover to the Passive Node - SG shoudl shutdown the BCV Package.

I am writing a Script to Implement this Functionality - Still Need Your Expertise 




Re: BCV With Service Guard ?

Assuming you are on an up-to-date vesrion of Serviceguard (which you should be because I believe only the final version B.11.20 is still supported on HP-UX!), then there should be no need to write a script for this. Review the Servicguard documentation and carefully read everything to do with "Package Dependencies" - they should provide everything you require to set a case where the BCV package can never be active on the same node as the primary package.


p157 is the start of the section on Package Dependencies.

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Re: BCV With Service Guard ?



I agree, it can indeed be configured as a condition under package dependencies. 


Hope it helps, let us know if you know you need more clarifications.


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