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CVM license error w/ MC/SG OPS


CVM license error w/ MC/SG OPS


I am trying to create CVM volume in a MC/SG OPS environment:

there are 2 cluster nodes. Both are UP and VxVM-CVM-pkg is running.

we did not install CVM product (B9117AA) because MC/SG OPS edition is "supposed" to support 2-node cluster w/o additional license (using the Base-VxVM bundled product). However when we go to create the volumes, we get a license error:

vxassist -g stka0 make log_files 1024m
vxvm:vxassist: ERROR: Clustering license restricts operation

Is there a way around this? We should be entitled to the advertised product. The dg's are created shared:

vxdg list
rootdg enabled 1038866600.1025.rac1
stka0 enabled,shared 1039191851.1324.rac1
stka1 enabled,shared 1039192567.1329.rac1

Thanks for any assistance.

Chuck Davis

Ian Kidd_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: CVM license error w/ MC/SG OPS

Base-VxVM and MC/SG OPS should work together. The fact that you have the VxVM-CVM-pkg up and running ... you should be good to go.

This is a long shot, but have you been configuring everything from the master node (determined by issuing vxdctl -c mode and looking at the cluster state) ?
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Re: CVM license error w/ MC/SG OPS

Ian - thanks. We've learned that this is a license issue. The base-vxvm will not allow online modification of the vg. due to other issues, we've abandoned vxvm and are setting up slvm.