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Cluster Lock LUN on MSA500 G2

George Denyer_1
Frequent Advisor

Cluster Lock LUN on MSA500 G2

I'm setting up a ServiceGuard cluster no RedHat EL3 using an MSA500G2 as the shared storage.

I'd rather use Cluster Lock LUN than Quorum Service, but when I do a cmcheckconf on my cluster config file I get the following message:

Error: Physical lock lun device "/dev/cciss/c0d7p1" on node "Cafsa2" does not correspond to the same device as the physical lock lun device "/dev/cciss/c0d11p1" specified for node "Cafsa3". It cannot be used for cluster lock.
Error: Invalid data for cluster lock LUN configuration
cmcheckconf : Unable to verify cluster file: cafsa.config.

even thou c0d7 on node cafsa2 and c0d11 on node cafsa3 DO correspond to the same physical device, a 16 MB logical disk on the MSA500G2 with only one partition (p1), of type 83.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is this setup supported?

Any help will be appreciated.

George Denyer
melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: Cluster Lock LUN on MSA500 G2

well the MSA 500 G2 is supported on Proliant servers using SG 11.14.02, 11.15.01 and 11.15.02, and can be used for LockLun.
Also, the MSA 500 G2 is supported with Smart Array 6i and 642 HBAs for 2 node clusters with redundant path (failover paths) OR 4 node clusters with single path. The multipath functionality of Linux MD driver is used with the MSA500 when there are redundant/failover paths.
I would suspect you do need to check the setup of these disk/lun's.
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George Denyer_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Cluster Lock LUN on MSA500 G2

Melvyn, thanks for the information.

I'm using ServiceGuard A.11.15.02. The HBAs I'm using for the MSA500G2 are SA642 and I dont have redundat paths.

I really cant think of anything else to check. Do you have any suggestions?

By the way, all device files under /dev/cciss are block devices. I'm really new to Linux, so I'm not sure, but on Tru64 UNIX, which is what I usually work with, you normally have block and character device files for each disk partition, and for something like this lock lun device you would normally use the character device files. Is it all right to use this block device files for the lock lun? Are there other device files for the same partitions? Should I just go ahead an mknod it as a character device with the same major and minor numbers?

Any light you can shed, I'll appreciate it. Thank you,

G. Denyer