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Cluster Lock on new Storage or LUN



We will be migrating our SAN this weekend, I still dont know what am I supposed to use for the LOCK device, right now we do have:


FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_VG           /dev/vgdp
FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_PV /dev/dsk/c11t0d2
FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_PV /dev/dsk/c11t0d2


/dev/vgdp is a VG thats being used on the node that has the Data Protector package which uses /dev/vgdp


VG Name                     /dev/vgdp
VG Write Access             read/write
VG Status                   available, exclusive
Max LV                      255
Cur LV                      1
Open LV                     1
Max PV                      16
Cur PV                      4
Act PV                      4
Max PE per PV               3473
VGDA                        8
PE Size (Mbytes)            4
Total PE                    13890
Alloc PE                    11412
Free PE                     2478
Total PVG                   0
Total Spare PVs             0
Total Spare PVs in use      0

   --- Logical volumes ---
   LV Name                     /dev/vgdp/lvomni
   LV Status                   available/syncd
   LV Size (Mbytes)            45648
   Current LE                  11412
   Allocated PE                11412
   Used PV                     4

   --- Physical volumes ---
   PV Name                     /dev/dsk/c8t0d2
   PV Name                     /dev/dsk/c11t0d2 Alternate Link
   PV Status                   available
   Total PE                    3472
   Free PE                     0
   Autoswitch                  On


 FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_PV  right now is an alternative link, is this correct?


Anyways, I will be creating a new VG called vg_vgdp which will replace the existing /dev/vgdp and will be presenting NEW luns from a NEW storage to that VG, which PV or alternative link will I use for FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_PV on the ascii file? does it defer on each node?





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Re: Cluster Lock on new Storage or LUN

While SAN Migraion you have to mention the disk details for the VG which was mentioned in cluster configuration file ..After migration the changed disk details need to be update.

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