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Cluster disk lock


Cluster disk lock

In a cluster of two nodes, with MC/ServiceGuard 11.12 and HP-UX 11.0:
Which the procedure is to define a cluster disk lock and VG disk lock?
in both nodeos the VG should be import?
which the way of definition of the vg is?.

Thank you.
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Re: Cluster disk lock

Hi Jorge

You may like to look at this :

Manoj Srivastava
Ashwani Kashyap
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Re: Cluster disk lock

This is defined in the cluster ascii file .

In you cluster ascii file there will be a line like FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_VG . Put the VG name in which the cluster lock disk is , here .

As you go down in the same file , you will reach entries for the nodes and the network paramaeters for each node .

YOu will see entry like FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_PV .
enter your lock pv name /dev/dsk/cxtydz as seen from both the nodes . Remember its the same physical disk as seen from both the nodes .

Yes , the VG has to exist on both the nodes .
THe cluster lock disk can be a part of a VG that holds the data in you cluster or it can be on an emtpy VG with one disk .

Whatever the case may be this VG has to be a cluster aware VG and has to be entered in the list pf cluster aware VG's at the end of the cluster ascii file .
Oleg Zieaev_1
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Re: Cluster disk lock

You will need a disk configured on external storage which is visible by both hosts.
Create VG using this disk.
Than edit cmclconf.ascii file to specify :
then under each node sections specify

The same disks may be seen differently by hosts (for example if you use EMC or XP arrays), so you specify device name corresponding to THE SAME phisical disk (hyper) on the frame.
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