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Re: Database patching on HPUX Serviceguard

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Database patching on HPUX Serviceguard

Hi All,

I am not an expert on Serviceguard. We have HPUX (11.31) with Serviceguard running SAP with Oracle. The DBA wil patch the Oracle database.  My questions are:
1. What is the best practice to do this?
2. I know in Veritas Cluster they can do freeze the package does  Serviceguard has similar features?
3. Should we do this method: shutdown the package then manually mount the disks?

Thank you very much.


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Re: Database patching on HPUX Serviceguard


If you use Oracle toolkit for serviceguard I'd change oracle package in maintenance mode by:

touch oracle.debug

in oracle package config  directory. It should results with:

"Jan 17 11:04:18 - Node "node_name" Oracle toolkit pausing database  monitoring for hang and entering maintenance mode"
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Re: Database patching on HPUX Serviceguard

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for your enlightment, actually we use the SAP toolkit, and just found out that it has a similar debug solustion:

  1. Stop SAP package
  2. touch debug file /var/adm/cmcluster/SAP on both nodes

  3. start SAP package (This allow package to be stated with file systems mounted, virtual IP and NFS mount points, but the SAP and the DB will be still be down)