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Disabling the cluster 11.20

Super Advisor

Disabling the cluster 11.20

Hi Admins,

OS - 11.31
SG cluster - 11.20

We are running a single node cluster.Second node is removed from cluster due to hardware issue.
Now as per application owner's request, we need to disable this cluster and run as stand alone.As per my
knowledge we can disable the cluster service by commenting the hacl in inetd.conf.
How the volume groups can be reconfigured to use in standalone system.

Please guide me.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Disabling the cluster 11.20

To stop the cluster services, you need to run:


/sbin/init.d/cmcluster stop


If you do NOT want them to restart if/when the system reboots next, then you need to modify the file /etc/rc.config.d cmcluster make sure the following like is:




If it is 1, it will try to start SG, if it is 0, it will not.


As far as the cluster volume groups go, you will need to do the following for each VG:



# vgchange -c n /dev/vg??

To make the VG NOT be cluster aware



# vgchange -a y /dev/vg??

Activate the VG


3) Modify /etc/fstab so that all of your filesystems get mounted automatically.


4) Modify /etc/lvmrc and set:




So that all  VGs will be automatically activated and mounted if/when the system reboots.


Once that is done you should be able to start your application.


Super Advisor

Re: Disabling the cluster 11.20

Hi Patrick,


Thanks for the info.


Now cluster is running with single node.But packages are halted.Now customers wanted to mount some mountpoints outside the cluster.But no need to stop the cluster.Below are my plans to achieve that.


#vgchange -c n <vg name>  -- To make VG cluster unaware.

#vgchange -a y <vg name>  -- Activate the VG without cluster lock

#mount the filesystem associated with that VG


Can we do the same when cluster service is running.Please note that packages are already down.