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Discontinuance of evaluation version of SG-LX License

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Discontinuance of evaluation version of SG-LX License

I am aware that on your local machine/PC , you can have RAC with vmware and that various step -by step guide , rpms and resources are available to help with this.On the same line , SG-LX would have been great source for training oneself . However, I was late in realizing this and when requested for license I got this mail

"Please be aware that HP has announced the discontinuance of the Serviceguard for Linux product. Details, including any purchasing deadlines, can be found on this website: . The information on this site is being retained as it may help existing customers. Requests for license keys for new deployments will not be fulfilled."
……..can any of the veterans , Matti , SG for Linux provide me a copy of Liscence that will work for me .

Regards ,
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Discontinuance of evaluation version of SG-LX License

Shalom Rahul,

Serviceguard licensing is provided by HP and official reseller/representatives.

Your request is not going to be fulfilled by anyone wanting to continue a legal relationship with HP.

If you have a business need, HP might help you with some currently supported version.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Discontinuance of evaluation version of SG-LX License

Dear SEP ,
Vlaekum Salom ,
Many thanks for the reply.The evaluation version of 11.19 has an â auto evaluationâ feature. After installation, it gives an evaluation license for 90 days. That should be adequate for my purposes....This was an input from one of my friend .

However , i had doubts when i read the downloaded SGLX's
SGLX_License_Key_Request.txt---"This demonstration version of HP Serviceguard for Linux
requires a special license key which will enable the
software for 90 days."

I will try to install the downloaded SGLX and update the thred acordingly.

Regards ,

Serviceguard for Linux
Honored Contributor

Re: Discontinuance of evaluation version of SG-LX License

Below is the statement from the 11.19 evaluation page. I think it is clear that there is no need to ask for an evaluation license for learning purposes.

"Constraints of the evaluation software

HP Serviceguard for Linux 11.19 now requires a license key for regular use. This version includes an  instant on feature. Once it is installed, the product will continue to run for 90 days. This provides an automatic 90 day evaluation period. Once a license is purchased, key can be added to the system to allow the product to be usable after the 90 days has expired."

Since SGLX has been discontinued, this is still useful to existing SGLX customers that have support and want to upgrade to 11.19.
Emil Velez_2
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Re: Discontinuance of evaluation version of SG-LX License

shes alive aain. its new and supported and eval software is available
Emil Velez
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