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Error with cmlocklund

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Error with cmlocklund

I'm facing the following errors on my system after every seconds:

Mar 20 18:57:14 mysys cmlocklund[18789]: Could not open cluster lock lun /dev/raw/raw1: Device or resource busy
Mar 20 18:57:14 mysys cmlocklund[18789]: Process will abort and be restarted .
Mar 20 18:57:14 mysys cmlocklund[18789]: Error opening device /dev/raw/raw1
Mar 20 18:57:14 mysys cmcld[19691]: Service cmlocklund terminated due to an exit(1).
Mar 20 18:57:14 mysys cmlocklund[18790]: Total allocated: 540672 bytes, used: 0 bytes, unused 540672 bytes
Mar 20 18:57:14 mysys cmcld[19691]: Automatically restarted service cmlocklund for the 5171807th time after failure.

The Storage is a SUN Storage 6140 and the Cluster is Service Guard.
if anybody is aware of this issue and how to fix it , let's me know.
Serviceguard for Linux
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Re: Error with cmlocklund

/dev/raw is not supported for LockLun.
John Bigg
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Re: Error with cmlocklund

The raw driver is used on older SG releases, i.e. 11.16 to get raw access to the locklun device. I have seen this error a number of times but mostly when device mapper (dm) is used as a locklun device.

dm did not support raw access so the open fails once the device is bound to the raw device.

If this is the problem then you need to use the underlying device not a dm device.

Other possibilities are that the device is already open some other way, for example if the device is mounted you would get the same problem.

Serviceguard 11.18 does not use the raw device which has pretty much been superseded by other methods for bypassing the cache.

You do not mention the version of either Linux or Serviceguard but I would guess SG 11.16 and probably RH4? If this is the case you can upgrade to 11.18.