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HP Service guard and Redhat GFS!!

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HP Service guard and Redhat GFS!!

I want to run Redhat GFS on MSA 500 G2 and it doesn't show up in the compatibility matrix but HP Service Guard is showing. Does it mean RedHat GFS is not supported on MSA 500 G2... Any explanation on this is much appreciated.

Stuart Browne
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Re: HP Service guard and Redhat GFS!!

GFS is a clustered-filesystem software set.

The MSA 500 is just an external 'disk' for a machine. It doesn't run the software it's self.

As long as the hardware presents a disk to the OS, it can be used with GFS.

So, in summary: There shouldn't really be a problem doing that, but is that really what you want?
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Serviceguard for Linux
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Re: HP Service guard and Redhat GFS!!

I assume you are talking about the RedHat compatibility matrix. As I remember RedHat doesn't support storage other than FC based storage with GFS.

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Re: HP Service guard and Redhat GFS!!

Sorry for not wording properly...

Basically i have 2 DL-385's with RH AS 4 and they are connected to MSA 500 G2 with 2-port I/O module.

Can i run GFS now with a shared disk with out any issues. And is this config supported by HP and or RedHat?

The compatibility matrix for MSA 500 G2 shows that it can support microsoft clusters but when it comes to linux it shows Serviceguard for linux it doesnt show GFS, i am new to HP so please ignore if i am being dumb.

I am a little confused between what service guard is offering that GFS cannot.

Jarle Bjorgeengen
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Re: HP Service guard and Redhat GFS!!

Why would you want GFS with servicguard ? Serviceguard use volumegroup activation for its services (packages) and do not need a clustered filesystem.

The need for GFS usually comes from some clustered application that need simultanous access to the same filesystem from several nodes. (Like Orcle RAC, or Polyserve)

So the answer is no, Serviceguard don't support GFS. But the application that need GFS probably is not able to run in serviceguard anyway.

I gusess yous shold be looking at RedHat cluster suite in this case. GFS is supported with RHCS, and as long as you have supported FC cards and HP-FC drivers towards your MSA. It shouldn't be any problem using GFS/RHCS on your MSA LUNs

Steven E. Protter
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Re: HP Service guard and Redhat GFS!!


I don't know if its officially supported or not.

It is a suported device on HP Serviceguard for Unix and I see no reason why it won't work for Serviceguard Linux.

SG requires shared storage to operate its cluster lock mechanism and that is certainly possible on an MSA-500.

The MSA-500 hardware is really a fast jbod which can be added as a disk shelf to a MSA-1500, which is a fully supported fiber channel disk array.

Steven E Protter
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melvyn burnard
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Re: HP Service guard and Redhat GFS!!

Perhaps a read of this thread ma help answer your question?
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